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ACA Wellness Programs as Strategic Investment

April 19, 2017

Most companies see employer wellness programs as an added perk for employees instead of a strategic investment to help a business grow. A comprehensive wellness program typically offers plans to help employees quit smoking, manage medical conditions, lose weight, as well as preventative health screenings, gym memberships and other incentives to encourage participation. These programs foster healthy habits, happiness and an overall increase in productivity in the workplace. For this reason, we are focusing on ACA Wellness Programs.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) creates new incentives such as cash rewards, premium discounts to promote wellness programs, and opportunities to support healthier workplaces. [1] For employers seeking to cut costs and stimulate growth, wellness programs classified as participatory medical plans can save payroll taxes payable by the employer, and offer the chance to increase supplemental coverage to the employee without reducing their take-home pay.

Despite these benefits, most employers, particularly small and mid-sized businesses, fail to see why they should implement ACA wellness programs

Wellness programs are a component of the ACA that not a lot of employers are taking advantage of. Though the fate of the ACA is still uncertain, any changes that do take place will not be implemented right away. Therefore, employers can still bring solid wellness to employees while rewarding the company. Employers can offer wellness programs to their employees at the expense of 12 payments per year (i.e. $600 per month), with the guarantee that they

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