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An All In One Solution For HR & Benefits

Raina Sheth
September 20, 2018

Technology has allowed us to do things we once thought were impossible. For Shantel Nelson of DAYTA Marketing, this means an all in one solution for managing HR, benefits, and payroll.

All In One Solution

The Beginning

DAYTA Marketing was using Ease when Shantel joined the company, about three years ago. She learned the system from DAYTA Marketing health insurance broker, Dave Toeben of Insight Insurance. The training process was smooth for her.

“Once I went in and onboarded a few employees, I was comfortable using the system. If I needed help, I’d reach out to Dave. But overall, I picked up Ease right away.”

Fast forward three years and DAYTA Marketing uses Ease to manage benefits, onboarding, payroll, and HR.

All In One Solution

Learning the System

Shantel trains new employees on Ease at the same time she onboards them. When an employee first starts at DAYTA Marketing, she spends half an hour with them navigating Ease. Shantel helps each employee set up their profile, complete W-4 and direct deposit information, and submit I-9 documents. As they go through the onboarding process, Shantel explains what Ease is used for, how to navigate the system, and where they can begin benefits enrollment.

It’s during this time that Shantel sees the flexibility Ease brings new employees.

“It’s normal for an employee to not know what benefits they want to elect right away. With Ease, they’re able to review plan options, compare costs, and complete enrollment from home. No one is tied to paper or their desks.”

HR & Benefits, Together

DAYTA marketing began using HRIS by Ease after this video caught their attention. Prior to HRIS by Ease, Shantel was using excel spreadsheets to track time-off and PTO requests. In fact, every time an employee wanted to know how much PTO they had, they had to go ask Shantel.

DAYTA Marketing is currently using the time-off tracking features and plans to use the survey feature before the end of the year. Each employee is saving at least 10 minutes per PTO request. They are also enjoying the convenience of one system for HR and benefits:

“Employees appreciate the fact that everything they need for benefits and HR is in one place. They love that they can view their benefits information, complete enrollment, request time-off, and track remaining time-off from one place.”

Adding Payroll

DAYTA Marketing began using the TRAXPayroll and Ease integration one year ago after hearing about the option from her broker Dave. Shantel’s concerns about transferring data and using a new system to manage payroll were erased after she saw how well it worked.

“With the Ease and TRAXPayroll integration, all employee changes and benefit elections automatically flow over to TRAXPayroll. This cuts down a lot of work on my end, and I feel like it’s more accurate. I never thought it would all work so seamlessly.”

She’s seen a huge reduction in the number of payroll errors and saves about two to three hours a week per week with the Ease and TRAXPayroll integration. She also likes how TRAXPayroll and HRIS by Ease sync inside of Ease to form an all in one solution.

“I was so amazed at the fact that when an employee requests time-off in Ease, that information is relayed back to TRAXPayroll.”

This All In One Solution Is Trustworthy

“Overall, I really enjoy using Ease. I use it on a daily basis, and it makes my job really easy. The system is reliable, I’m comfortable with it, and most importantly I trust it with matters as important as payroll. I’ve seen first hand that it works and it’s a great system.”

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