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An Improved Help Center to Provide the Best Support

Paige Jarzabkowski
October 24, 2022

You asked and we listened — our Help Center is ready to support you even further on your Ease journey. 

To provide the best support experience for you, we’re always looking for ways to improve. Now, finding step-by-step support has never been simpler. Our revamped Help Center has new article categories, titles, and tags to improve the search functionality. Head to the search bar to easily discover what you’re looking for. 

Bonus — once the article is pulled up, the new design makes it easier for you to become the Ease expert on your team. 

Discover the right articles for you through brand-new categories.  

You might notice the Help Center experience mirroring the in-app experience. If you have a quick question while you’re navigating the system, find your solution under the category suited to you. Whether you want more information on a marketplace partner, a company setup, or the employee experience, the category is marked and ready for you to soak up all the knowledge. 

My Agency

Get back to business faster with how-tos and FAQs tailored to you, the broker. Never miss a day of providing the best experience for your clients and become the Ease expert in no-time. Soon enough, you’ll be the one all your colleagues go to with a question on Ease. 


Arm yourself with need-to-know information for creating and maintaining company data year-round. Ease is not a solution to only visit once a year during open enrollment season. Discover all the possibilities for your employer groups and use Ease to become THE business solution in no time.

Marketplace Partners

Searching for a partner? We got you. Once you discover the perfect partner solutions for your groups, come back to find the best tips on managing the connections for benefits, payroll, third-party administrators, and more. 

Employee Experience

Keep Ease easy for your employees. Go through Ease as an employee would in order to set them up with the right tools during the most crucial moments. Open enrollment, qualifying life events, and mid-year changes are done in a flash with the right guide. 

Product Announcements

You heard it here first — we’re shining a light on the newest developments at Ease. Get the details on new releases, feature enhancements, and what’s coming next from Ease all in one spot. 

Guides and Checklists

The official tour guide of Ease can be found right here. Break down tasks and to-dos with step-by-step instructions to guide every user through Ease. Make a copy for yourself and then send it along to your employers, their HR reps, and more to spread the Ease knowledge. 

Wonder no more if an article is for you. 

Relevance Detail

You’ve completed every step — detailing the question, searching the Help Center, and discovering the best article. But, is the article written for a broker, employer, or maybe even a partner? The answer is right there in the article! The addition of “relevance” directly at the top of the article ensures every user knows the intended reader of each article. Whether you’re a broker, HR administrator, or partner, we’ll help you stay on track to find the solution that’s right for you. 

A carousel of step-by-step instructions.


Give your mouse a break today and skip the scroll. Now, each step is represented through a carousel of images with accompanying numbered steps. As each image changes, the next step will be shown to you visually as you navigate through the system. 

The next step to becoming the Ease expert.

Whether you’re a new user on Ease or you’ve been on the system for years, use the Help Center to find answers to your questions, discover new possibilities, and learn best practices all in one place.

You’re the expert on benefits. We make it easier for you to manage them.

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