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An Inside Look Into The Ease Innovation Conference (EIC22)

Paige Jarzabkowski
August 09, 2022

Experience #EIC22 with our detailed diary, and start building your proposal to attend EIC23.

EIC22 attendees flew from all over the country to attend the ultimate benefits conference under the backdrop of the Las Vegas Strip. Industry leaders, power users, and Ease team members all gather at the Wynn Las Vegas to discover and share new benefits management ideas. (Or maybe it was to see featured keynote speaker Erin Andrews in person!)

If you missed out on EIC22 this year, let this rundown be your reason why to get to EIC23 next year.

Day one — starting off with a bang

Opening Keynote with David Reid

Breakfast is cleared, bellies are full, and the day is about to start. Ease’s very own Chief Easy Officer, David Reid, takes the main stage to welcome everyone in Las Vegas, and our friends watching from home virtually, to EIC22.

To kick off the event, David teases what to expect over the next two days, and offers words of inspiration for the digital broker. The mission is clear – Ease aims to help you succeed in the small- and medium-sized business space – and EIC22 is the next step in achieving that success.

Communication and Engagement is Paramount: Maximize Your Enrollment Success with Eric Silverman

Everyone’s favorite word – success! Eric Silverman takes the stage teaching his lessons on maximizing enrollment success. It’s no secret that benefits play a big role in an employee’s compensation package, but do employees think about benefits as frequently as personal purchases?

Spoiler alert: no.

Eric dives into how to use a multi-channel approach to increase communication and engagement with employees during enrollment season. Why limit yourself to one company-wide email or meeting to encourage benefits enrollment, when you can take a new approach by introducing social media, communication apps, and more!

Curious to learn more from Eric Silverman? You’re in luck, his wise words have been put to good use through Voluntary Disruption’s podcast #RockstarsRocking. Our personal favorite episode has a familiar face that may or may not have kicked off EIC22.

Fireside Chat with Erin Andrews

Maybe you’ve spotted her on “FOX NFL Sunday”, “NFL Thursday Night Football”, or “America’s Game of The Week.” Maybe you’ve tuned into her podcast “Calm Down with Erin and Charissa” with co-host Charissa Thompson, or you remember her days competing and hosting “Dancing with the Stars.”

No matter the outlet, one thing is for sure: sports journalist Erin Andrews is a name known throughout the country, and EIC22’s featured keynote speaker.

As she takes the stage in Las Vegas, attendees are on the edge of their seats taking in the lessons she’s learned along the way to becoming who she is today. In a male-dominated industry, how did she succeed in her field? Which interview stood out from the rest?

EIC22 attendees are buzzing at her exclusive answers to these questions and more as she wraps up day one.

Day two — a well-deserved sequel

Opening Keynote with David Reid

David Reid returns to the stage to commence the final day. This time, he shares the origins of Ease and the future that he envisions to help the digital broker.

Nearly 85% of broker agencies pitched benefits administration technology when going after new business. The digital broker is ahead of the curve as the need for technology in benefits enrollment becomes more essential each year.

If you’re not already online, becoming an Ease broker is the next step in winning new business.

Ease Product Roadmap: How Ease Will Evolve in the Next 12 Months with Sudha Kaki

Our new Chief Technology Officer, Sudha Kaki, becomes EIC22-official on day two by sharing the path forward with Ease. The main vision for the product team is simple — the benefits broker is our primary customer, and we’re here to optimize your business.

The year 2022 and beyond is focused on increasing revenue for agencies, transforming the digital space, and providing crucial insights to brokers. We’ve said it before and we’ll keep repeating it — brokers need to become the total business solution for their clients.

Closing Remarks with David Reid

All good things must come to an end as CEO David Reid closes out #EIC22 with some final thoughts about benefits brokers’ competitors. No, it’s not the broker agency that’s seated next to you — it’s the companies that aim to replace brokers by becoming the all-in-one solution.

He advocates for EIC22 attendees to take the next step to learn new, meaningful ways to set themselves apart from the competition by proving the broker experience is invaluable — and how we can’t wait to be a part of it.

The fun never stops

Breakout Sessions

Find the topics that interest you. Throughout both days, attendees can choose their own adventure from a whopping sixteen different sessions that cover a wide range of topics.

Curious about the future with Ease? Join the What’s New Walkthrough with Ease expert, Jenelle Valiquette for an exclusive sneak peek into the newest features.

Thinking about introducing voluntary benefits to your clients? Dig in with Allstate Benefits’ own Meagan Graffam as she details Using Voluntary Benefits to Differentiate Yourself From the Competition.

In search of tips to improve your agency? Get maximum value from Maximizing the Value of Your Agency with Eureka Insurance Solutions’ Hoy Kim.

If you’re anything like us, you want to see every session to get the most information possible. But don’t stress, we’ve got you covered. All the sessions are recorded and available to attendees after the event. Replay your favorite moments, peek into sessions you missed, and gather inspiration for your next steps.

Genius Hall

Put the phone down and close out your emails, you’ve got support right in front of you. Stop in to the Genius Hall to chat with your favorite Ease experts and get answers to your burning questions.

Whether you have questions about a complex plan setup, a connection, or an employee enrollment, sit side-by-side with Ease to walk-through each one.

Couldn’t make the trip to Las Vegas? Don’t think twice – the virtual Genius Hall opened the doors for the same questions with a digital smile shining through your computer screen.

Exhibit Hall

Get face-time with your favorite benefits providers. Catch up with your representatives or introduce yourself to new ones with our EIC22 sponsors! From BenefitMall to Aflac to Unum and Colonial Life Enterprise, grab some time to learn about a new benefit that you could be offering to your employers.

Virtual Experiences

Who said Las Vegas gets all the fun? Yoga, trivia, and animals meet the virtual attendees during EIC22.

A full day absorbing tips and tricks to take back to your benefits agency requires a mindful break. A quick thirty minutes with a yoga instructor is the best solution to rejuvenate the mind before jumping right back into those sessions.

For the people who frequently quote interesting facts at social events, we’ve got the right icebreaker for you! Test your knowledge in a game of trivia with your peers to prove that you’re the person that knows exactly where the World’s Largest Catsup Bottle is located.

Did your stomach growl at the mention of the famous condiment? Time to grab some lunch for a show and tell about our furry friends at Woodland Park Zoo.

Hudson the Arctic Fox, Amarillo the Nine-Banded Armadillo, Eduardo the Three-Banded Armadillo, and Obi the Ball Python will undoubtedly find their way into your photo albums from this unforgettable lunch for virtual attendees.

Two days – one exceptional event

EIC22 was jam-packed with essential information to grow benefits administrators and their agencies. In between sessions, attendees are also able to connect with each other to continue these productive conversations and connections outside the walls of EIC22.

Building relationships during this time opens the doors for further growth for months and even years to come. One LinkedIn connection with a fellow attendee later, and an agency is still reaping the benefits of #EIC22.

Avoid a case of FOMO

Don’t stress out about missing next year’s event when you’re with Ease. Get in the know by becoming an Ease user — and we’ll see you in 2023.

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