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Give Employees the Gift of Healthy Pets

We all love our pets. Let’s keep them healthy! Your benefits plan likely offers coverage for your employees’ human dependents, […]

Julianne Bartlett
December 12, 2022
Pet Care Benefits
United Pet Care

Discover the Ease Connected Ecosystem

Save time and gain efficiency when benefits get connected with Ease. Benefits matter. That’s why we believe benefits enrollment and […]

Julianne Bartlett
November 14, 2022

Benefits 101: Life Insurance Basics

Understand the different benefits before you enroll. For many of us, the first time learning about life insurance is with […]

Julianne Bartlett
October 25, 2022
benefits 101
life insurance

New Partners Join the Ease Marketplace

Discover our growing marketplace of connected benefits providers. The Ease marketplace is your one-stop shop for connecting employer groups with […]

Julianne Bartlett
September 12, 2022