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Discover the Ease Connected Ecosystem

Julianne Bartlett
November 14, 2022

Save time and gain efficiency when benefits get connected with Ease.

Benefits matter. That’s why we believe benefits enrollment and administration should be as simple as possible. The connected Ease ecosystem makes the business of benefits easier for brokers, employers, and ultimately, the employees utilizing them. 

Ease makes it easy to connect with your preferred partners.

Support your clients from the outset with powerful partner connections through EaseConnect, EaseConnect+, and EaseConnect 834. With Ease direct connections, submitting enrollment data directly to benefits providers is safer than enrollment forms — and you’re not left guessing when the mail is delivered, as you’re notified as soon as the carrier accepts your submission. 

Plus, Ease connections make it easier to manage ongoing changes throughout the year, which means even the essentials — like ID cards — reach employees faster.

EaseConnect 834

With EaseConnect834, brokers can connect clients with their desired carriers, even if Ease doesn’t currently have a relationship with them. This handy self-service feature enables you to map new electronic data interchange (EDI) 834 carrier configuration files in a straightforward and visual way. 

After the carrier determines the plan size, you’re responsible for setting it up, as well as working with the carrier to resolve any discrepancies. Please note: A one-time carrier mapping fee may apply. 

With EaseConnect834, the power is in your hands. Current Ease users can find additional details about EaseConnect834 in the Help Center, or sign up to join the weekly Ease834 webinar.


EaseConnect may be available for groups as small as two lives at no charge to the broker or employer. Similar to EaseConnect834, you’re responsible for setting up the connection with one of our established EaseConnect partners, but you also have the support of our knowledgeable team to help you every step of the way. Browse EaseConnect partners >>


Direct carrier connections are a breeze with EaseConnect+. Like EaseConnect, plans from established EaseConnect+ carriers may be available for groups as small as two lives at no charge to the broker or employer. The best part about these connections? Ease sets them up AND maintains them for you! Plus, some carrier partners even have in-app evidence of insurability (EOI) for instant approvals over the guaranteed issue amount. Browse EaseConnect+ partners >>

Digital change forms

One thing you can always count on? Change. 

That’s why we offer digital change forms to help you manage employee benefit changes throughout the year without a lot of additional work for your agency or your groups. When updating benefits after a qualifying life event (QLE), like marriage, divorce, death, or the birth of a child, employees complete and e-sign digital change forms inside of Ease, and you can simply download those forms and send them to the carrier. Ease users can find additional information on digital change forms in the Help Center. 

API integrations with employee benefits providers

Carriers aren’t the only members of the Ease connected universe. We have application programming interface (API) integrations with many of our marketplace partners to allow seamless data syncing from us to them. That means employee and benefits information stays up-to-date year-round. 

Want to see it for yourself?

Streamline your to-dos and offer better service with the Ease connected ecosystem. Enjoy up-to-date and in-sync employee and benefits information between Ease and your employer groups’ benefits providers no matter what the year brings. 

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