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Benefits and HR For Employees On The Go

Raina Sheth
April 29, 2019

Managing HR for a small business is often a role owned by someone in the company that has many other responsibilities. That’s the case for Michelle Martinez at Safeway Electric. Safeway Electric is a one-stop shop for electrical and solar energy requests in Southern California. Their technicians are always on the go, serving residential and commercial electrical needs around the clock.

Michelle has a diverse workload ahead of her each day, and managing benefits and HR for almost 100 employees is at the top of her list. I talked to Michelle about adopting Ease and how the system has impacted her and her employees? workflows.

Improving Employee Experience, From Their First Day

Three years ago, Michelle’s broker introduced her to Ease. She knew that online enrollment was something she wanted to implement somehow, but wasn’t sure where to start. When her broker brought Ease to the table, she was fully onboard.

“My broker trained me on how to use the system and I was immediately able to use it. It was a lifesaver!”

Once they made the switch to Ease, Michelle saved about 48 hours of her time that she would typically spend answering questions and fixing errors during open enrollment.

“Going paperless makes the process faster and easier by automatically routing documents through the proper channels, and making sure they’re filled out completely.”

Michelle noticed a huge improvement in the way she was able to onboard new employees, too. Employees saved about two hours during onboarding and were able to start getting to work faster.

“Having to deal with loads of paperwork when they first showed up to work only confused employees more.”

Now, employees receive an email from Ease with directions and plenty of information to guide them through their onboarding requirements. Michelle estimates that as a result, only 1 in 10 employees may have a question because the process is so straightforward.

Flexible For Employees Who Are Always On The Go

Michelle recalls how simple it was to train employees on how to use Ease.

“At the start of open enrollment, we showed employees how to use the system to enroll. Immediately, employees loved using Ease.”

Employees at Safeway Electric are always on the go — they work at numerous locations, and much time is spent traveling to and from — they are rarely in the office or sitting at a desk. Because of the mobile nature of their work, employees love that they can access their benefits information using their mobile phones and tablets.

“The majority of our employees are out in the field and always on the go constantly, so being able to enroll in benefits quickly and conveniently, helped the transition. They loved being able to enroll using their cell phones.”

Top 3 Features

Michelle has many favorite features that she uses regularly when managing benefits and HR for employees on the go. Her top 3 favorite features are:

  1. Enrollment Progress Dashboard “I love being alerted when someone completes or updates their status. It is so instant and efficient.”

  2. Alerts to Employees “I love being able to save and edit message notifications. I use this weekly”

  3. Custom Reporting “Being able to click and create reports makes it easier to export data. Whenever we get information requests—like employment verification—I can easily go in and pull employee information”

In The End

Michelle loves showing off Ease to new hires because they love it instantly. The autonomy and accessibility of the system allow employees on the go a fast and easy onboarding and enrollment experience. Not only do employees love their experience, but Michelle’s workflows are easier and more efficient for it, too.

“Ease is one of my best friends! I have it on my screen all the time and what I love is that it provides detailed information about employees that I can quickly access.”

Checking In After The Launch Of The Revamped Ease

I followed up with Michelle after Ease launched an updated interface and feature enhancements to see how she handled the transition.

“I love the revamped site, it only took me a few minutes to get acquainted with the new look, and it’s been good to me so far.”

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