Brokers Aren’t Going Anywhere


It feels like we’ve come full circle.

A little over 4 years ago, a technology company in Silicon Valley was telling you (and me) they were going to drink our milkshake and run us out of town. Today nearly 1,000 agencies use Ease with their 30,000+ groups to forge a deeper relationship and simplify their benefits and HR workflow. In addition, I’m proud to share 99% of agencies that have adopted Ease continue to use it today.

We started Ease to augment the existing health insurance infrastructure. To give local agencies the tools to meet new demands from their groups, make smaller groups more profitable, and digitize employee files. We have never believed technology would replace the broker and we maintain that position today.

Ease’s approach to the market always has been and always will be broker-first. With that in mind, we’ve spent a lot of time and resources partnering with top General Agencies across the country and have given them ways to use our technology to support brokers during open enrollment and year round. We feel that the best solution should include all key players in the industry, rather than cut them out.

We also believe that a top technology solution helps agencies expand their offering. I’m excited to share that we now have more than 30 partners in the Ease Marketplace, from COBRA to carrier integrations. We recently added Onboarding to the core Ease subscription, meaning you can choose the price you’d like to charge your groups; and keep the revenue.

What’s next?

Since 2012 we’ve seen technology companies in our space come and go. In May, we announced that we raised $6.5 million in funding to continue to improve our solution and roll it out from coast to coast. In addition to continuing to improve our core benefits technology, we’ll be adding more partners to our platform to cut down enrollment time and increase the revenue opportunities agencies have available in the marketplace as well as giving our partners more capabilities to support you. We’ll also be rolling out new product bundles to make it even easier to offer and activate HR and Payroll services for your clients.

As always, I’d love to hear any feedback you have for Ease.


David Reid
Founder & CEO