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An All In One Solution For HR & Benefits

Technology has allowed us to do things we once thought were impossible. For Shantel Nelson of DAYTA Marketing, this means […]

Raina Sheth
September 20, 2018

Hybrid HR Solutions

At many companies, an HR administrator or manager can be responsible for payroll, recruiting, onboarding, hiring, performance reviews, employee engagement, […]

Raina Sheth
August 30, 2018
hybrid HR

How To Impact Employee Engagement

Did you know that 67% of employees are not engaged at work? According to Gallup, this means that nearly 7 […]

Raina Sheth
July 26, 2018
employee engagement

Healthcare Transparency Technology Is Important

Healthcare costs continue to rise. The premiums your business pays today are likely higher than they were five years ago.

Raina Sheth
June 28, 2018
healthcare technology
healthcare transparency

Building A Company Culture: Why It Matters

If you’ve glanced at any job descriptions lately, you’ll read at least one or two bullets that say “a culture […]

Raina Sheth
May 31, 2018
building a company culture