Ease and Alliance Direct Benefits Partnership

EaseCentral and Alliance Direct Benefits

Employees are increasingly looking for benefits outside the scope of an annual visit to their primary care physician. They want benefit options that will provide them and their dependents with safety and security, no matter the time or location. This includes the opportunity to add benefits like telemedicine and identity theft protection. Companies who respond to this demand with tailored benefits will likely be able to recruit better talent as well. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. With the new Ease and Alliance Direct Benefits (ADB) partnership, Ease is getting on board too.

Now, brokers can offer tailored benefits to their groups at an affordable price. ADB’s most popular benefits plan, the Alliance Value Plan, starts at just $10 pepm and is available in the Ease Marketplace. It offers families access to services they can use globally and year-round, including 24/7 doctor access, emergency roadside assistance, global emergency assistance, free and discounted legal services, unlimited access to fraud specialists in cases of identity theft, and even scholarship and grant programs.

For those wanting more, ADB also offers a “plus” plan which includes additional services like discounted dental care, prescription savings, and free tax advice.

Visit the Ease Marketplace for more information on ADB and other partnerships for you and your groups.