Savings with Ease and freshbenies

EaseCentral and freshbenies

It’s no secret that healthcare costs are skyrocketing and medical plans don’t cover what they used to. Uncertainty around the ACA, higher premiums and deductibles, plus growing out-of-pocket costs have brokers and employers looking for new money-saving solutions. The new Ease and freshbenies partnership gives brokers and employers real cost-saving tools – at affordable prices they want with the flexibility they need.

With freshbenies, employers and their employees get access to four services that save hard cash, at no additional cost to the member.

    1. Telehealth – 24/7 access to family doctors by phone or video.
    2. Doctors Online – Employees get fast answers from specialists via email or app: physicians, psychologists, dentists, dietitians, fitness trainers, and more.
    3. Advocacy – freshbenies partners with the largest U.S. independent advocacy company to help employees understand their benefits, locate providers, compare pricing on procedures, review medical bills and more.
    4. Prescription Savings – An independent, high-quality network with 10 to 85% off most prescriptions

Both employer-paid and voluntary options are available with freshbenies and pricing varies by group size.

Visit the Ease Marketplace for more information on freshbenies and other partnerships for you and your groups.

Please note that freshbenies is not insurance.