Consumer Benefits with Ease and PeoplePay

EaseCentral and PeoplePay

Ease and PeoplePay are partnering to make it easy to offer and use consumer-directed employee benefits.

PeoplePay, Ease’s latest marketplace partner, is the fastest-growing 3rd party administrator in the United States for consumer plans. They offer a variety of services including health savings accounts (HSA), health reimbursement arrangements (HRA), flexible spending accounts (FSA), student loan repayment programs, and more.

Brokers and employers working with PeoplePay and Ease will have the ability to create flexible and custom plan designs that include embedded deductibles, cost-sharing, unique parameters, and specific coverage limits. These plans are available 24/7 for all parties involved, including employees, thanks to an easy-to-use mobile app and cloud technology. PeoplePay also eliminates the need to manually file claims and decreases tax burdens.

Visit the Ease Marketplace for more information on PeoplePay and other benefit offerings.