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Ease and Plushcare: Access to Telehealth

August 18, 2017

Ease and Plushcare are working together to bring increased telehealth access to brokers and employers across the country. Committed to providing options for one of the fastest-growing healthcare services, brokers and employers using Ease now have the ability to add telehealth with Plushcare to their benefit offerings.

Available to add in the Ease Marketplace, PlushCare is a health plan-agnostic telehealth provider with top-tier doctors, outstanding service, and in-network coverage with United, BCBS, and Cigna. Patients get unprecedented access to the best physicians in the world so they can get diagnosed, treated, and prescribed medication by phone wherever they are. Common conditions include sinus infections, UTIs, bronchitis, and even prescription refills. PlushCare also partners with employers to drive cost savings with high utilization rates and exceptional patient satisfaction (highest-rated on Yelp). PlushCare is available in 18 states, and adding more each month: CA, AZ, FL, TX, NY, GA, IL, NC, VA, MI, OH, PA, OR, WA, NV, HI, WY.

Visit the Ease Marketplace for more information on Plushcare and other benefit offerings.


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