Ease and Unum Make Enrollment Easy for Small Businesses

Modern day employees seek benefit plans that offer more than just four trips to the doctor’s office per year. For instance, millennials tend to seek non-medical benefits that allow them to build their financial security. Things like home insurance, accident insurance, life insurance and disability insurance are known to attract and retain top talent.

Therefore, just in time for Q4 and open-enrollment season, Ease is excited to announce a new integration with Unum which will provide an online connection to a powerful benefits solution, specifically allowing employees to easily enroll in Unum’s non-medical benefits.

Online Unum enrollment will make rates, benefits, plan summaries and other plan details immediately accessible in Ease customers’ accounts. Unum offers professional and engaging videos that detail coverage options in both English and Spanish, allowing employees to make informed decisions in their own time. Finally, Unum allows for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) submission, saving brokers and employers time and paperwork, and ultimately providing faster approvals than ever before.

Ease and Unum’s partnership will bring an added level of efficiency to small business owners and employees, as well as open the door to the non-medical benefits employees actively seek during their job search.