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What’s Missing In Zenefits HR Solution? Established Brokers

David Reid
March 07, 2016

The recent flurry of news surrounding Zenefits has served as excellent proof of Ease’s founding principle: HR solutions can never replace agent expertise.

The Source of Revenue Cannot be Detached from the Expert  

New ‘SAAS brokers’ like Zenefits market their advantage based on the HR solution providing little actual value. Zenefits captures the broker commission but does not do a broker’s job. Rather, they receive the same compensation for being no more than an online ‘middle man’.

Ease’s HR solution model understands that the cost and complexities involved with employer medical plans require a broker’s industry knowledge. Benefits and medical plans are complicated and are easily an employer’s highest expense outside of wages. In the end, employers never save money by switching from their agent to ‘SAAS brokers’ like Zenefits, because they lose the value of their broker’s expertise all-together.

Ease’s online HR solution streamlines benefits administration, but the employer always maintains the service and expertise provided by their agent. Our portfolio of over 1,000 trusted agents includes Warner Pacific, the largest General Agent in California. Together, we provide health insurance agents in California and Colorado with sales assistance, innovative technology and back-office support.

Not All Industries Can be Displaced by Technology

Ease’s HR solution uses technology to manage onboarding, compliance and benefits; but it doesn’t replace a broker’s expertise. When expertise is required, technology cannot replace that expertise.

Would you prefer an unlicensed practitioner with fancy tools to an educated doctor?

A homebuyer wouldn’t just purchase a home on the internet without speaking to an agent?

And why hasn’t accounting software replaced accountants?

Online airfare websites like Expedia disrupted the travel industry by allowing access to a tool once reserved for travel agents. Buying a plane ticket doesn’t require specialized training, recurring payments, or compliance. The same cannot be said for health-insurance administration.

The Zenefits revenue model is predicated on the insurance broker being equivalent to a travel agent. A licensed broker cannot be replaced with technology plus ‘any voice on the phone.’

At Ease, technology doesn’t disrupt brokers – it helps them. Whether you’re a licensed broker, a general agent, or an employer; reach out to for a demo to see Ease’s HR solution at work.

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