Just Announced: Ease ADP Integration

EaseCentral ADP Integration

With technology advancing the way it is, the need for multiple systems to keep track of HR and benefits is quickly diminishing. Employers and brokers shouldn’t have to update benefit changes in multiple places—and with the new Ease ADP integration, they don’t have to.

Technology has also led to small businesses bringing their HR and benefits processes online. From benefits to onboarding, and even time-off tracking, they’re looking for a one-stop (online) shop for all of their HR needs. This includes payroll.

Ease recognizes this need, and that’s why we’re partnering with payroll leaders like ADP Workforce Now to make HR seamless. With the Ease ADP integration, brokers and employers can connect and sync their payroll to all of their other HR services.

This integration also paves the way for just one system of record for payroll and HR. Changes made in Ease that impact payroll, like adding a dependent or a line of voluntary coverage, are automatically sent to ADP Workforce Now throughout the year, no matter the month. It’s also a great tool to maintain accurate employee and payroll data, a task most HR admins are charged with.

This partnership, as well as our payroll integrations with TRAXPayroll and Paylocity, gives small and midsize businesses the one-stop-shop they’re increasingly searching for. The integration can be activated in the Ease Marketplace.