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Engage Insurance Leads with a Powerful Newsletter

A basic challenge you can encounter when selling insurance is that not every lead will answer your phone calls or emails on the first try. However, if you want to succeed in the insurance industry, you can’t give up on these valuable prospects. It’s important to set expectations for how many times you should engage with a lead before moving on to the next one. Have you reflected on the strategy you have in place to interest your leads? There are a wide variety of techniques you can start implementing today, but in this week’s post, we focus on how to engage insurance leads with a powerful email newsletter.

What is an email newsletter?

A newsletter is a consistently recurring email your prospects and clients must subscribe to in order to receive it. Since newsletters distinguished themselves for being an opt-in marketing medium, you can infer a higher interest from those leads subscribed to it. Generally, the content shared in a newsletter is the latest news, offers, and updates about your agency or services, but you can be as creative as you want. For example, Slack always starts its newsletter “Channels” with knowledge bites, as the image below shows.

Slack's newsletter
Part of ?Channels?, Slack?s newsletter.

In the past years, the rumors about email dying as a marketing tool have been strong. Yet, 93% of B2B marketers use email to distribute content and 73% of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email. Email newsletters are a way for people to be in the know of what’s happening in your agency and it’s a way for you to get closer to your audience.

The Advantages of a Newsletter to Engage Insurance Leads

Different marketing channels allow us to achieve different goals. In this post, we focus on how to engage insurance leads with a powerful newsletter. Some other advantages of implementing an email newsletter into your insurance marketing strategy are:

How to Engage Insurance Leads with a Powerful Newsletter

A newsletter is a great way to distribute content and get closer to your audience. But, like any other marketing activity, it needs attention and work. Don’t create a newsletter because everyone has one. If you fill your newsletter with uninteresting content, your audience will ignore it and unsubscribe. Below, we share the four aspects you need to keep in mind before trying to engage insurance leads with a powerful newsletter.

1. Decide What Type of Newsletter You Want to Send

In an ideal world, you could send all the information you wanted to your insurance leads and they would engage with it and click through to your website. But the reality is different. Flooding your subscribers with content is not effective. If you include too much information in a single email, your newsletter will feel cluttered and unfocused. Instead, pick a common thread that goes throughout your newsletter to keep it together. For example, create a newsletter with a focus on helping employers increase employee engagement. Or build a newsletter around trends in the healthcare industry. By grouping your newsletter under a common theme, you’ll avoid randomness and blurred content.

2. Pick Quality Over Quantity

The amount of content you share in your newsletter is not relevant. The quality of the information is what will determine its success. Keep the promotional content low. If all the information you share in the email is about your agency, your services, and how amazing they are, your subscribers will tune out and unsubscribe. Focus your content on educating. If you are trying to engage insurance leads with a powerful newsletter, don’t fall into self-promotion. For example, explore your creativity when you write the subject line for your newsletter. Even though your subscribers opted-in voluntary, it doesn’t mean they will open it once it hits their inbox. Create a different subject line that incentivizes them to open the email every week.

3. Make It Clean and Easy

Don’t confuse your subscribers with too much text or too much imagery. Keep the design minimal and make it easy to read by leaving enough white space in the design. Allow your prospects and clients to unsubscribe easily. They opted in, so always give them the option to opt-out. A good rule for keeping your newsletter clean is to show your subscribers what the most important piece is in the email. Most likely, your newsletter will be an ensemble of different content and formats, which means you’ll have more than one call-to-action. That doesn’t mean that all those CTAs need to be equally prominent. Pick one primary call-to-action and let the rest be options for your subscribers to explore further.

4. Let The World Know You Have a Newsletter

Once you have created your email newsletter, with a specific focus and content balance, your next step is to properly communicate its existence and facilitate the process to subscribe. Include the subscription form on your website and blog. Be sure to explain what subscribers can expect from the newsletter, how often they will receive it, and catch their interest to get them to subscribe. You can even add a preview link, like Brain Pickings newsletter shows in the image below. Launch an email campaign and share the announcement of your new newsletter on social media.??

Brain Pickings Newsletter Landing Page
Brain Pickings newsletter landing page.

Final Thoughts About Engaging Insurance Leads With a Newsletter

The four points above are best practices when building a newsletter, but always keep in mind that every company is different. If you want to engage insurance leads with a powerful newsletter and sell insurance, create one that resonates with your audience and that targets their specific needs and values. For example, if you specialize in selling insurance to groups under 100 lives, take advantage of the specific niche you sell to and connect on a deeper level. Keep in mind to always test your newsletter on a computer and phone before sending them. In conclusion, by creating a newsletter and staying consistent, your insurance leads will start thinking of you as their trusted advisor.

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