Focusing on the Right Things: The Employee-First Approach

employee first approach

Improving the Enrollment Process for Brokers and Employees

As a small business owner, scaling your company and hiring new employees is one of the most rewarding parts of the job. Marla Malcolm Beck, CEO of Bluemercury said recently in a Business Insider interview that the best part of being a CEO is, “watching her company evolve — while staying true to its mission and vision.” Even more so, is the moment when you realize that you can now afford to offer hardworking employees benefits and health insurance options.

The fun stops, however, when it’s time to enroll employees into your new benefits program. Most small business owners are faced with piles of forms to fill out, documents to file, and spreadsheets to compile.

The Employee-First Approach

Today, employers and brokers are tasked with tediously compiling employee data into spreadsheets and presenting benefits materials in a digestible format. This current model, ridden with administrative burdens and set up for human error, makes it difficult for employees to find the best and most tailored healthcare options for them.

As new benefit options and models for healthcare continue to roll in, it’s time to empower employers to focus on the right things and put their employees first. Employees at companies of any size should be able to choose which provider and plan type works best for their families. Cloud-based software platforms can be invaluable tools for making employee benefits simple and manageable.

By bringing technology into the process, health insurance and benefits professionals are able to pull quotes and compare information from multiple carriers instantly. Employees are then able to take the decision-making process into their own hands. Additionally, real-time integration abilities can simplify the enrollment process for brokers and employers – especially if your business is working with multiple carriers.

Ensuring Compliance

Providing employees with the benefits options they deserve does not come without its challenges. New healthcare regulations including the Affordable Care Act and the EEOC’s new rules on wellness plan incentives creates an additional concern for employers and brokers looking to diversify benefits offerings for employees.

Automated paperless enrollment processes and easy onboarding and offboarding solutions allow employers to keep compliant with the storing of I9, W4, and healthcare forms. Ease’s all-in-one software solution and recently announced real-time Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connection is reimagining employee benefits. The San Francisco company has been helping small businesses streamline their HR administration to support this employee-first approach and has over 18,000 employers and over 350,000 employee users. For further information on how this technology can assist your business and save you time, visit or call 1-800-446-EASE (3273).