Insurance Social Media Marketing: How to Get Started

image of a person unboxing depicting getting started with insurance social media

The case for getting your business on social media is strong, and the benefits are clear. Social media helps create and build relationships as well as generate leads, all of which are crucial to any business. In addition to recognizing its strengths, starting to incorporate insurance social media into your business model can seem like an overwhelming task.

We’ve rounded up some quick pointers for you to use on your journey to building a strong insurance social media presence:

      • LinkedIn: It’s a good idea to have profiles for yourself and your business on LinkedIn. Having a well-crafted profile that states your credentials and your business philosophy will enable you to connect with our clients and with potential clients. Once you have your profile set up, reach out to your professional network and invite them to connect with you. Follow the organizations that matter to your industry, as well as any professional or volunteer organizations you belong to. Don’t forget to follow your high school, college, and graduate school. You never know what might strike a chord with a prospect.
      • Google+ (or Google My Business): Google+ may not be the most popular insurance social media platform, but it does have its own benefits. Google is the most popular search engine in the world and because they’re part of the same company, will prioritize indexing Google+. This is an efficient tool to raise your ranks in the search results.

Remember to review your information regularly (at least once a quarter) to make sure that it’s current.

You may also want to consider:

      • Facebook: With nearly 1.8 billion active users, Facebook is a good way to easily communicate with your clients and prospects. And it’s easy enough to set up a business page. But, in general, Facebook requires more care and feeding than LinkedIn and Google+, and it’s important to dedicate resources to keeping it fresh, relevant, and interesting. Updates don’t have to be long: 100-200 words if the content is original, a few words if you’re linking to third-party content. Learn more about Facebook for your insurance social media, with The Agency Digital Marketing Guide
      • Blogging: Blogging is an excellent way to demonstrate your value to your clients and prospects. While blogging can be a long form, a blog post really doesn’t have to be longer than 500 words to make a point. (A word count of 500-1000 words is ideal.)

When thinking about insurance social media, what should you blog about? Your products and services. Your clients. What’s happening in the industry. Interesting things that your client are up to. Your personal business observations (you’d be surprised how often someone tells me they feel they know me because they’ve read my blog posts.) By linking blog posts to your LinkedIn or Facebook pages, you can amplify their publicity. A note on blogging: this does require a commitment to produce content regularly, so your readers know when to expect to hear from you. Every week or every two weeks is a good posting frequency. This is an excellent approach for finding content to engage your audience, and providing a channel for them to share their thoughts.

And if you’re not quite ready to do much more with insurance social media than set up a LinkedIn profile – and this is the absolute minimum requirement – visit industry forums (articles, communities, blogs) and comment on articles of interest. State who you are and what your business is, which will give credibility to your viewpoint. (Whenever possible, insert a URL that goes back to your company’s website. Try to do this similar to a link to your company  in your email signature)

Social media isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s the way that future customers find their way to your business, and it’s how you cement the client relationships that are at the heart of your work as a broker.

So what are you waiting for? Set up those insurance social media profiles now. 

For a deeper dive into using social media for your digital marketing agency, view “The Agency Digital Marketing Guide” online for free.


Author: Ryan

Ryan is the VP, Marketing and Growth at Ease. Ease helps insurance brokers offer their SMB clients better service through simple technology. To date, more than 65,000 companies have enrolled in benefits with Ease.