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Employee Wellness: Healthy Employees = A Healthy Business

August 01, 2016

Workplace benefits are often perceived as an added perk for employees. But what many companies, particularly small and mid-sized businesses, fail to see is how investing in their employees’ wellness can actually make them thrive.

A recent Guardian workplace benefits study found healthy employees are better off in many ways and so are companies that offer benefits to help them stay healthy.

Guardian Infographic

Infographic sourced from Guardian workplace benefits study

 Higher Employee Retention, Loyalty and Bottom Line

Comprehensive benefits packages, whether they include preventative health screenings, gym memberships and nutrition plans, or help employees quit smoking or manage medical conditions, foster healthy habits, happiness and an overall increase in workplace productivity. It also helps employers save money on healthcare costs.

Customizing plans for each individual gives employees the power of choice, which builds employee loyalty, higher job satisfaction and employee retention, and lower absenteeism.

Employers are always seeking the best ways to cut costs and stimulate growth without negatively impacting the bottom line. Some programs available through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) allow businesses to save payroll taxes payable by the employer, and offer the chance to increase supplemental coverage to the employee without reducing their take-home pay.


When managing benefits packages, it helps if an employer has a solid tech solution that puts all components that need to be documented, tracked and managed by administrators in one place for easy reference.

Ease’s automated onboarding tool and real time Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connection are reimagining employee benefits. By streamlining the administration of HR processes, these new integration capabilities significantly save time that is often wasted on laborious tasks.

Instead of having employees fill out various forms and mailing them to providers, Ease streamlines processes for a faster, more secure way to manage benefits. With Ease, a process that took weeks to complete can now be finished in a matter of minutes.

Ease is a cloud-based SaaS platform providing benefits and human resource management to small businesses. For further information on how this technology can assist your business and save you time, visit wordpress-315384-2471481.cloudwaysapps.com or call 1-800-446-EASE (3273).

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