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Your Insurance Agency Website Needs An Update

No matter how many clients you have, it probably canít hurt to have more, right? One way to increase inbound leads is by improving your insurance agency website.

In our recent Broker Tool Belt posts, youíve heard how marketing tools can help your business grow–from capturing more leads to retaining long-time customers. Last month we covered blogging, and now itís time to focus on your insurance agency’s website.

A professional website is one of the most important marketing assets for an insurance agency like yours. Itís a central location where you can build your brand, teach others about you and your business, and provide contact information.

If you do it right (and there are plenty of free tools to help), you can turn your insurance agency website into a marketing machine, increasing your prospect list in the process. Below are some steps to get you started on the right track. If youíre interested in learning even more about building a successful website for your agency, we recommend checking out our free agency digital marketing guide.

Set a Goal

Before you invest time and money in your insurance agency website, set a clear goal. Ask yourself, ďwhat do I want this website to achieve?Ē Whether itís converting visitors to contact you for a meeting or establishing yourself as an expert in health insurance, this line of thinking will help you decide what you want the focal point of your agency website to be.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about helping people find your insurance agency website. Itís key to a successful website and drives visitors to your doorstep who are specifically looking for what you offer. If someone googled ďthe best health insurance broker for my business,Ē youíd want your insurance agency website to show up first, right? Thatís why itís important to give search engines the right information to match someone searching with your agency site.

Remember to keep your page title short and use the same keywords throughout your site and in your URL. If youíre not sure what keywords to be using, try to learn more about how your groups talk about you and your work. One free tool is Google Trends, which shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume across various regions. Google Trends can help you gain insight into what terms those around you use to search for agencies around you and reflect those on your website. †

Below is an example of a search we did on Google Trends for ďhealth insurance brokers near me.Ē The first image shows us the interest in the search terms over time and the second shows us the interest in the search by region. Itís data like this that can help you decide what keywords to use on your insurance agency website.

insurance agency search trendshealth insurance agency google trends

You can hire a firm to help you with SEO, but you can do it yourself too. A little knowledge goes a long way and there are tons of free guides and articles on successful SEO. Standing out from the competition is important, and strong SEO can help.


Having a consistent brand to promote your agency can help you attract new customers. After all, your brand is what people visualize when they think of your company. When designing your insurance agency website, and any associated public products, use one color palette, establish a logo that looks good on all mediums (website, email, brochures), and donít change it up often. Your agency website is like your storefront, you want it to attract customers to come in and take a look around.

Blogging on Your Insurance Agency Website

We covered this last month, and because itís so important weíre going to cover it again. Having an insurance agency blog is a great way to establish yourself as a leader in your field and provide insight to your groups and prospective groups. It attracts traffic to your agency site, and improves its search engine optimization. Use your branding and the same keywords in your blog posts as you do on your website and search engines like Google will reward you. They tend to latch on to fresh content–so the more you blog the better. (Want more information on how to blog? See both our posts here and here.)

Strong Calls to Action

Lead generation forms and their corresponding calls to action (itís that contact information box you see on many websites) are crucial to collecting leads and building your prospect lists. If you don’t have a form in your insurance agency website, you need one. In no time youíll start converting visitors to your site and have a list of new prospects to contact and offer your expertise. Just remember to position the form where all your visitors can see it. Interested in learning more? Next week weíll dive deeper into designing and implementing strong calls to action.

Measure Results in Your Insurance Agency Website

Measure everything you can that relates to your insurance agency website. This includes how many visitors come to your site, how long they spend on each page, how many times they click links and what those links are, and how many leads your insurance agency website generates. Donít worry, you donít have to do this all yourself. There are several free and low-cost tools like Google Analytics (completely free and has video tutorials to walk you through setup!).

What are you waiting for? Itís time to go build or update your insurance agency website and increase inbound leads!