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Insurance Agency Brand Identity to Increase Conversions

To thrive in a highly competitive environment like the insurance industry takes a lot of technical expertise, a thorough understanding of digital marketing, and a strong insurance agency brand identity.

Insurance agencies find innovative new services to provide customers with an engaging, and rewarding experience. But, regulations and laws are constantly changing. Brokers are forced to adapt in order to make the consumer experience as simple and seamless as possible.

But this in turn creates repetitiveness throughout the entire industry. Every agency uses the same language, the same value propositions, and the same selling points. Yet many insurance agencies never create a unique brand identity that stands out from the crowd. There are key elements to consider in creating an effective insurance agency brand identity.

Be Different 

“I’m going insurance shopping today and I’m so excited!” are words that have never been uttered from any being in the history of humanity. Insurance is generally viewed as complicated and a chore for the average consumer; a necessity more than a desired service. No matter what sales promotion you execute, or discount your agency offers, nothing will change that reality. Branding is the strategic tool that removes the negative connotation most have with insurance, and adds the relatability needed to stand out in the market. This, most significantly, influences purchasing decisions. If executed effectively it will help your agency connect with clients on a much more personal level that provides a unique value in comparison to competitors.

A brand identity is the visual representation of the values and “personality” of your brand. It’s how the brand communicates with your target audience. This communication can be expressed in a certain writing style or brand voice, design style, and color scheme. What matters most is creating an insurance agency brand identity that stands out from the competition; one that is easily recognized through consistency.

Emotional Content Influences Conversions

The B2B sale cycle is much longer, much more complex, and much more competitive than the B2C process. A strong brand with an effective positioning strategy speaks to and relates to the buyer’s needs.

Finding the element of your agency’s story, of its values, that is relevant and relatable to your target audience is what will lay the foundation for a strong brand identity.

Most people say they are not influenced by advertisements but neuroscience research has shown that consumers heavily rely on emotions, rather than information, when evaluating brands. Simply put, consumers primarily put personal feelings and experiences over features and facts. Research conducted by the Advertising Research Foundation concluded that the emotion of “likeability” is the measure most predictive of whether an advertisement will increase a brand’s sales. This gives credence to the notion that your insurance agency brand identity is incredibly valuable in generating leads and closing sales.

Insurance Agency Brand Identity Influences Internal Culture 

Branding is not just about logos and Pantone color meant to appeal to your target audience. It also influences your agency’s internal culture. It creates a connection amongst your team which will boost employee morale and in turn increase productivity. Effective branding provides employees with a clear understanding and appreciation for decision making, priorities, and strategy. Your agency’s staff will understand how their responsibilities are contributing to the company’s vision, and feel fulfilled in their roles.

This results in employees providing quality service to your clients.  A brand that delivers a unified, consistent, and satisfying experience will earn loyal customers which is the holy grail for insurance agencies.

Brand Consistency Is Crucial 

Clients that have an integrated, and consistent customer experience are more likely to become loyal customers. In order to create this consistency it’s crucial to align the entire agency, from customer-facing reps to the IT technician, under your agency’s branding. This will create a unified brand voice, and consistent quality no matter which department your clients interact with.

Effective internal brand-building results not only in loyal customers, but loyal employees as well.

Final Thoughts About Insurance Agency Brand Identity

Because not all insurance agencies leverage this concept, there is a gap in the market for an insurance agency to establish a strong brand identity that resonates with prospects. State Farm, Geico, and Progressive are examples of insurance carriers that have effectively and strategically utilized branding to their benefit. Understanding the value of your insurance agency brand identity will help increase productivity and conversions, while staying ahead of the competition.