Insurance Agency Content Distribution Best Practices

insurance agency content distribution

Over the last few weeks, I’ve taken an in-depth look at content marketing through the See Think Do framework. However, having relevant content for each stage of the buyer’s intent is only half the battle. There’s no point in having great content if no one sees it. For this week’s blog post I’ll outline some insurance agency content distribution best practices to get more eyes on your brand.

When it comes to content marketing, many B2B companies mainly focus on content creation. In the process, they neglect an equally important step: delivering useful information to their audience by using a clear, organized, measurable, and repeatable distribution strategy.

The digital realm is home to massive amounts of content. Combined with the sheer amount of new channels to be considered and managed for marketing, it becomes apparent how challenging it is to get your content in play at the right time.

With that in mind here are some best practices to get your content in front of your target audience.

Best Practices for an Insurance Agency Content Distribution Strategy

Streamline Internal Processes

Create internal documentation that maps your content to each stage of the funnel – Awareness, Consideration, Decision.

Taking this step will provide clear communication among members of your team. When everyone on your staff knows what content is available to be used for each stage of the funnel, your insurance agency content distribution strategy will become more efficient. Everyone will be on the same page, and every member of your team will be able to easily get the right information out to influence buyers.

When mapping key content types to the funnel, also document their associated channels. In today’s digital landscape, content is designed for specific channels. For example, you may create a simplified infographic on employee benefits statistics for social media, and another more extensive version for your blog. Clearly indicating what channels are relevant for each piece of content will ensure your insurance agency content distribution plan is effective.

Distributing Content for Your Audience

When thinking about insurance agency content distribution, the key to getting your content in front of your target audience is understanding that the internet is essentially a community of networked sites at your fingertips. The more you’re integrated throughout the community, the better your content will perform.  

Even globally recognized brands like The New York Times work hard to show up in as many places as possible throughout the internet. Implementing proactive strategies like SEO help significantly boost your search engine rankings the more other domains point back to your own.

Strategically distributing links to your content in the places your audience consumes information helps drive traffic to your website.  

Leverage Your Network

As a benefits broker, you’re part of a broad network. You probably work with multiple carriers, general agents, accountants, lawyers, local AHU chapters, and engage with employers from different industries. You’re well connected, and this creates an opportunity to distribute your content. In a world where even well-established companies are struggling to afford high-quality content, you have the opportunity to form content partnerships within your network. You can leverage those partnerships by doing guest blog posts with general agents, accountants, and lawyers.

Additionally, local AHU chapters and general agents list brokers they’re partnered with on their website – which provides another avenue for other websites to link back to yours. Once you take a look at your network from this perspective, you’ll find opportunities to collaborate. You can work together to share high-quality, non-competitive, content that’s of interest to each other’s audience.

Search through your connections to find brands that have a strong online presence and, of course, aren’t direct competitors. Reach out to pitch the idea of establishing a content partnership. This process is called backlinking, and it’s one of the best ways to increase your website’s search engine ranking, and a key piece of the puzzle to optimize your insurance agency content distribution.

Why Backlinking Is Effective

When search engines pick up that a number of other sites are linking to your own it categorizes your website as an authority on a specific topic. Consider when you share links to other sites, it’s essentially because there is information on the page that is well explained or there’s information you want to share. Search engines understand and take this into account when ranking websites. Getting your website to show up on Page One for your SEO keywords is one of the most effective ways to get content in front of your target audience. 

Beyond improving your SEO results, having other websites backlink to your is almost like an endorsement. This gives your brand credibility in the eyes of your target audience. If a number of websites share an article you wrote on an industry specific topic, it endorses you as a thought leader. Getting your content backlinked to gives an automatic endorsement, or approval, of the content. If you want to get the most out of your insurance agency content distribution plan, take some time to find opportunities to get your content shared on other websites. 

Final Thoughts About Insurance Agency Content Distribution

Many businesses don’t put enough value into content distribution, brokers included. For example, most brokers have a social media page but don’t post content that can be shared by their audience and drive traffic to their website. The steps I outlined here today are meant to help you change your perspective on content distribution and understand its significance to growing your online presence and following.

These are some easy to implement steps you can take to optimize your content distribution strategy. Tune in to the Broker Tool Belt next week as I take an in-depth look at backlinking, and strategies you can implement to get more websites to share your content.

Author: Ryan

Ryan is the VP, Marketing and Growth at Ease. Ease helps insurance brokers offer their SMB clients better service through simple technology. To date, more than 65,000 companies have enrolled in benefits with Ease.