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Insurance Blog Examples to Inspire You in 2019

Blogging is one of the most popular methods of content marketing. Websites are static, but blogs serve as the returning page for your audience, where they come back week after week to read new posts. Building a blog as part of your content strategy will help your business get online visibility and establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry. They are the perfect tool to create engagement and generate long-term results. If blogging isn’t already part of your marketing strategy or if you are still trying to figure it out, here are some outstanding insurance blog examples to inspire you in 2019 to create an exceptional blog of your own.

Captivating Stories

The goal of every piece of content you create can’t be selling. Creating valuable content for your audience based on their intent is key to increasing conversions. Wells Fargo’s blog, titled Wells Fargo Stories, is the perfect example. Their blog is divided into three sections: helping customers, helping communities, and living our values. The first two sections compile stories about Wells Fargo’s relationship with their customers and communities. In the third section, they take the opportunity to speak about themselves, not their services or prices, but their employees, their involvement with veterans in the civilian workforce, and their history.

Wells Fargo blog homepage

Their stories are a mix of useful tips and emotional storylines. Wells Fargo blog is in our list of insurance blog examples because this approach to the company’s core values creates proximity and generates trust, which serves the larger company’s goals. Figure out what your agency’s long-term goals are and how to address them. Do you want to become a resource in the insurance industry? Create a blog to show your expertise. If prospective groups turn to your content for answers to health insurance benefit problems, trusting your knowledge about the industry, they could ultimately become clients.

Insurance Blog Example to Focus Your Content

Blogs are a source of regularly updated information about a specific topic. To become a thought leader in your industry, pick a theme and stick to it. For example, if you decide to write about the most confusing aspects of the healthcare system to help your groups understand them better, don’t write a post about best gifts when the holidays approach. Two insurance blog examples that demonstrate the power of content are Word&Brown and freshbenies. Both blogs establish brokers as their target audience, but the focus of their content is fundamentally different.

Word&Brown’s blog, Broker Career Kick-Starter Blog, gives advice and specific tips to new brokers that help them start their career. As you can see in the image below, the categories in which the content is organized follow the underlying theme, like First Steps or Selling 101, and they also have a tool to Estimate Your Salary. Word&Brown’s blog has created an invaluable resource for new brokers getting started in the insurance industry.

Word & Brown blog homepage

On the other hand, freshbenies’ blog, Broker blog, targets established insurance professionals by providing original strategies and solutions for brokers to manage benefits. Freshbenies offers Sales Tips, Strategy Ideas or Industry Insights to help brokers improve, not start.

freshbenies blog homepage

Building a blog with a strong and specific topic will prevent you from losing your audience. If you frame your blog into a specific topic, its structure and content will come more naturally and that will help you optimize your insurance agency blog strategy.

Stay Consistent, Drive Subscribers

The equation for success is basic: the more often and consistent you blog, the more traffic you will get and, therefore, the more subscribers and leads you will generate. Q4 is always a busy time of the year for brokers, so don’t publish three articles in a week and disappear for two. Inconsistency confuses your subscribers. If they expect an article a week, commit to publishing it, otherwise, your audience will lose trust in your agency.

Making the insurance blog examples list for consistency is OneDigital’s blog, Fresh Thinking. With each post they publish, their creative team and benefit advisors share new and better ways to design and manage benefit programs. Their content is structured in eight categories, all of them built with the aim to help insurance professionals improve health and benefits management. OneDigital publishes content at least once a week, depending on the category they might post multiple times per week.

One Digital blog homepage

Another strategy OneDigital uses in its blog worth mentioning is the display of calls to action (CTA). CTA’s are important because they will help you categorize your leads. For example, if the call to action is for a prospect to download a guide about what the best benefits to offer employees are, you will know what information they are interested in and, consequently, you can drop them into a corresponding nurture campaign to further warm the lead.

Educational, But With Style

One of the hardest tasks when creating a blog is making each post interesting and keeping your readers engaged. Making the list of insurance blog examples, the Triple-I blog understands that writing posts is not like writing a term paper.

The Triple-I Blog aims to improve public understanding of insurance or, in other words, educating about contemporary insurance topics. To keep their audience interested, they make posts easy to read and they approach heavy subjects in an appealing way. While creating your insurance blog, try to write like you talk. Using technical and specific terms of the insurance industry is important, but using conversational language will convince your readers they are interacting with a real person.

Insurance Information Institute blog homepage

Final Thoughts About Insurance Blog Examples

Considering that 47% of buyers view 3-5 blog posts before starting the buying process, blogs should be relevant in your content creation strategy. Blogging will improve your website traffic and lead generation, but it will take time, effort, and commitment. Building up a blog consists of organizing and scheduling posts, writing long-form quality articles, optimizing for SEO, and, of course, writing about something your audience wants to read about. These are just 5 insurance blog examples that we hope inspire you in 2019, but when you build your own, create original content that makes you stand out from your competitors and truly shows your insurance agency values.

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