Insurance Broker Blog: Today’s Top Ten to Get Started

notebook depicting insurance broker blog

It’s no secret that blogging isn’t the first business practice that comes to mind for brokers. On top of all of the other to-dos on the task list this one can seem the least important. In reality, your insurance broker blog should be important, and it’s a factor that can help grow your agency.

Top Ten Tips About Your Insurance Broker Blog

    1. Search engine marketing, for free. Search engines like Google will reward you for valuable content, and help you stand out from your competitors. When you blog, your content gets indexed, just like your website. When someone googles a topic you’ve blogged about or your name the blog post can come up in the search results.
    2. Retain those employers. An insurance broker blog is a simple, direct, and easy-to-use communication channel. Remind your employers you’re the resource they can turn to for benefits and HR questions.
    3. A competitive edge. It’s likely that other agencies in the industry don’t have an insurance broker blog yet. Separate yourself from them now and build yours. The best part is that once there are a few well-established blogs in the field, it’s hard for others to break-in.
    4. Share your story. We’ve established that an insurance broker blog gives you a competitive edge. It also gives you a chance to tell your agency story: insights into how you manage your business and how you can help your groups.
    5. Grow your business. According to Hubspot, those that prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy a positive ROI.
    6. Are you the best in the business? Do you believe that you can offer more to employers than others in your industry? Blogs position their owners as experts in the industry and can get you that final employer you’ve been waiting for.
    7. Exploit the niches. Mainstream media articles aren’t always of interest to your niche groups. Control the rhetoric and share stories dedicated to the stuff that matters most to the broker-employer relationship.
    8. Brand Building. Many hosts like WordPress let you control the domain of your insurance broker blog. Use blog posts to get your business in people’s heads: what you do, what your name is, and how you can help them.
    9. Manage your reputation. Business blogs are a productive way for brokers to manage their reputation and speak directly to prospects, customers, partners, and more.
    10. It’s not difficult. You can post anything you want- videos, press releases, white papers, brochures. Take any content you want, and share it in your insurance broker blog!

Check out our free agency digital marketing guide for more information on blogging, including picking platform, choosing a theme, and creating valuable content.

You know that growing your business is important. Blogging is a low cost, easy tool that can help you. Next, we’ll cover when and how often you should post in your insurance broker blog.

Author: Ryan

Ryan is the VP, Marketing and Growth at Ease. Ease helps insurance brokers offer their SMB clients better service through simple technology. To date, more than 65,000 companies have enrolled in benefits with Ease.