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Insurance Client Testimonial to Establish Social Proof

November 12, 2018

We’ve previously discussed the importance of using social proof to establish trust with your customers and grow your agency’s client base. Social proof refers to the idea that our behavior is influenced by the actions of those around us. Customer reviews are an extremely important form of social proof, as are client case studies and testimonials. This week we’re focusing on strategies for creating the perfect insurance client testimonial for your agency.

The Makings of a Perfect Insurance Client Testimonial

A client testimonial is an honest endorsement of your agency by a current or former client. An effective testimonial for an agency like yours provides details about the client’s experience and explains how your agency helped them improve their benefits offering. It’s essential that testimonials resonate with your prospective clients and show them the impact your agency could make.

The best insurance client testimonial includes the following components:

Identify A Common Problem

An effective testimonial describes a problem your client faced before they learned about your agency. The problem should be familiar to your target audience so they recognize the problem as one they are currently facing. The testimonial should also hint at the solution provided by your agency without giving too much away. For example, a testimonial might describe how frustrated a prospect was managing open enrollment with employees in the field and why they subsequently signed with your agency.


It’s important to keep in mind that the best insurance client testimonial focuses as much on the clients? results as the experience they had with your agency. This is because your prospective clients’ main priority is to see if your agency will bring them the best results. Learning about the specific results an existing client achieved gives them more confidence in your agency. For instance, if you helped a client reduce the cost of employee health benefits by 20%, this result can be highlighted.

Engage Your Audience With Words and Images

Outstanding testimonials are engaging and frequently use vivid language and images to maximize their effectiveness. Possible images might include the client’s picture or a chart that shows the client’s situation before and after they discovered your agency. This makes the content more engaging, and also proves that the testimonial is from an actual person. Video testimonials tend to be especially compelling for prospective clients. In fact, 89% of marketers regard video testimonials as the most effective form of content marketing. Seeing and hearing clients discuss their experience helps prospects relate to them more.

Speak To Your Buyer Personas

If your agency has multiple buyer personas, it’s important to feature testimonials that relate to each one. This is because no two buyers are exactly the same, and their needs may differ. One client may be looking for a health insurance policy for their employees while another needs assistance in managing mid-year changes. Your prospects want to know how people like themselves have benefited from your agency, so it’s best if your testimonials represent the different types of buyers and how your agency addressed their specific needs.

Why Client Testimonials Work

Utilizing an insurance client testimonial can have a positive impact on conversions, sales, and ROI. One study demonstrated that websites with testimonials or customer reviews increased their sales by 18%. An A/B test conducted by WikiJob also found that web pages containing testimonials received 34% more conversions than those that didn’t.

Testimonials are effective because they are a powerful form of social proof that establishes trust for your agency. This means that if a friend or colleague recommends a product, we are more likely to buy it. The same dynamic underlies client testimonials: prospects are more likely to contact your agency if current or former customers recommend your services.

If your prospects see an objective testimonial from a satisfied customer who is similar to themselves, they will trust your agency more. This will give them more confidence to do business with your agency.

Where to Display Insurance Client Testimonial

Client testimonials are most commonly displayed on an agency’s website. You can have a designated testimonial page or you can showcase client testimonials on your homepage, landing pages, or sales pages. Placing testimonials on your homepage can be especially advantageous since the majority of your website visitors will land here first.

For your testimonials to have the maximum effectiveness, they need to be engaging and accessible to your prospects. Make the text bold and easy-to-read, and include a picture of the client with each testimonial. The testimonials should also represent the different ways your clients benefited from working with your agency.

In addition to displaying testimonials on your agency’s website, you can also publicize them on your social media accounts. Video testimonials of clients discussing their experience with your agency lend themselves to social media sharing especially well. Since video testimonials are a highly personal and engaging form of content, sharing them with your social media followers can be an effective practice.

Marketing materials such as brochures and information sheets present another excellent opportunity for you to display your insurance client testimonial. A thoughtful testimonial accompanied by an image of the satisfied customer can enhance your agency’s credibility and give prospects a more positive impression of your agency.

Final Thoughts About Insurance Client Testimonial

An effective client testimonial enhances your agency’s credibility, encourages prospects to trust you more, and increases your conversion rates and sales. For these reasons, it’s worth investing your time in crafting the perfect client testimonials. When testimonials are engaging and used effectively, they can greatly benefit your agency in the long run.

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