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5 Insurance Content Marketing Goals to Drive Customer Action

Content creation is an essential component of digital marketing. Ninety-one percent of business-to-business professionals use content marketing to boost their performance. Despite its popularity, content by itself won’t be a valuable asset for your digital marketing strategy. You might be writing informational, entertaining, or educational content, but it won’t get your insurance agency where you want it to be until you align it with your business goals and ensure it’s serving a purpose. In this week’s post, we share 5 insurance content marketing goals to help you drive profitable customer action and become the BOR for more groups.

1. Tell A Story

Our brains have real physiological reactions to stories. Have you ever felt afraid while watching a horror movie? Laughed at a funny scene? Stories are tied to emotions and, when done well, they have the power to make us feel what the characters are experiencing. For this reason, stories are more memorable and grab attention better than other formats. Basically, stories engage our brain much more than fact telling.

When thinking about insurance content marketing goals, show your audience what it?s like to have you as their BOR instead of telling them. Storytelling is an effective way to let customers mentally feel what you are trying to communicate. Case studies are an excellent example of storytelling. By building social proof to expand your agency, you will show how invested you are in your clients, how you confront a problem, and how you solve it. Together, these stories will create a comprehensive picture of yourself and your insurance agency that will help you attract new customers and engage current clients.

2. Establish Your Own Voice

Many brokers create regular content as part of their insurance marketing strategy. In addition, there are many voices offering advice, observations, and thought leadership about the insurance industry. Branching into different channels and mediums is no longer enough. When it comes to insurance content marketing goals, it is imperative to bring to your content what nobody else can: your own voice.

For example, when writing a blog post about preventive care benefits, don’t just offer fresh insights about today’s state. Anyone can access that information. Instead, share analogies and personal stories of specific cases you have worked on. How did preventive care benefits improve employees? health? Using personal experiences doesn’t mean creating informal content. Keep in mind you are producing content for your business and it’s important to stay professional.

3. Connect With New Prospects And Current Clients

One of the most important insurance content marketing goals is to connect with both new prospects and current clients. Your content can’t leave anyone behind. On the one hand, it needs to be compelling enough to attract new customers. Your agency needs a steady stream of new prospects to be a healthy business. If you create remarkable content, you will attract backlinks, social media sharing, and conversations. The result will be more HR professionals finding you.

On the other hand, your content needs to deepen your relationship with current clients. The biggest growth potential for your agency is generating and maintaining loyalty with existing customers. By targeting your current clients, you will build a solid base of referral and repeat business. If you produce useful content for your clients, you will create a richer experience for people that already trusted you, and they will reward you for it.

For example, host a webinar to explain how to pick health insurance plans with different monthly premiums to address the workforce transformation and target a diverse range of employees, from millennials to baby boomers. Build your content by mixing general knowledge and specific information about your services: share a list anyone should keep in mind when considering health plans for a company and point out everything you can do for your clients to help them achieve their health plans goals. You will not only be giving advice to your current groups, but you will also be showing what you can accomplish for prospects.

4. Offer Solutions

When you understand your current and prospective clients? problems, you understand how to help them. However, when defining your insurance content marketing goals, sharing solutions is as important as pointing out problems. Your audience’s obstacles can become the core of your marketing message, but along with each problem, it’s key to offer tips, techniques, methods, approaches, checklists, and tricks to solve every one of them.

Besides providing useful content, you will show your distinct approach on how to solve these problems. If you are precise, effective, and successful, they might consider what they can get by working with you and hiring your services. Create a way for your audience to ask questions, listen to their problems, and use the questions as insights to create future content.

For example, share a blog post teaching your audience the steps to follow when a grandfathered health plan is changed or canceled and how you can help in the process. Or teach them how to save time and money during open enrollment by introducing the benefits administration and HR software you work with.

5. Build trust

Building trust as part of your insurance content marketing goals is necessary. Your audience will learn they can trust you when you share interesting, helpful, and valuable content. Instead of continuously trying to sell insurance, place your emphasis on showing how you can help them.

Over time, prospective and current clients will recognize you as an insurance expert and will confirm your industry knowledge. Confidence from your target audience will help you build a strong brand and show what it would be like to work with you. Ultimately, valuable content will result in more conversions.

At the same time, showing who you are and why you are trustworthy will build your credibility in search engines. The reason why is search engines find valuable what readers find valuable. Therefore, focusing on building trust will also enhance your SEO optimization.

Final Thoughts About Insurance Content Marketing Goals

Establishing insurance content marketing goals is necessary to ensure your content is serving a purpose and positively impacting your audience. Researching, writing, and publishing is not enough. Align your content marketing goals to your business and marketing objectives. Think about how your content will contribute to the bigger picture and constantly review your goals to make sure you are on the right path. Ultimately, don’t create content just for the sake of creating content. Tie it to bigger goals and guarantee your content is helping you accomplish them.

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