Insurance Email List to Retain and Attract Clients

Building An Email List For Your Insurance Agency

Building an insurance email list is a foundational marketing strategy that can provide a great return on investment over time. Here are some essential practices for building a strong insurance email list, and how they can help your agency retain and attract clients.

How a Strong Insurance Email List Promotes Customer Retention & New Clients

Email marketing is one of the best ways for your agency to encourage customer retention and obtain new clients. In fact, an Emarketer survey found that 56% of marketers identified email marketing as the best method for achieving customer retention. Successful email marketing involves developing an email list for your target clients and leads, providing valuable content, and creating opportunities for regular communication with your customers.

By consistently sharing useful content with your customers, you demonstrate that your agency is genuinely committed to helping them provide the best benefits for their employees. This in turn will help your customers feel more engaged with your brand and have a positive view of your agency. Employer groups that have a positive experience with their brokers are more likely to stick with them for the long-term.

Essential Practices: Building An Email List For Your Insurance Agency

Target clients in your niche
The first step to building an email list for your insurance agency involves tailoring your website to prospects who need your services. For insurance brokers, this means making sure your website is clearly marketed toward employer groups. If you have a blog, make sure the content addresses your prospects’ needs and pain points, and provides useful information to keep them updated on things like trending benefits.

It’s also a good idea to allow customers and prospects to subscribe to your blog so they can regularly receive updates to the content you produce. Gated assets about trending topics in the health benefits market like free guides, e-books, or free consultations can give your website visitors a reason to share their email address. Be clear that this gated content is only available to subscribers. This will likely help to grow your subscription list.

Welcome your subscribers

You should always welcome and thank people who subscribe to your list, using an email, since they took the extra step of sharing their email address with you. Welcoming your subscribers can also benefit your email list in the long run. Showing customers you appreciate them and are eager to assist them demonstrates they matter to you, which is essential for customer retention.

In addition, make sure your emails are friendly, personalized, and to the point. If you will be sending updates or email newsletters, welcome and thank you emails are a perfect time to let your subscribers know how frequently they can expect an email. Setting the expectation ahead of time reduces the likelihood that they’ll unsubscribe.

Provide valuable email content to your subscribers

When building an email list for your insurance agency, you should provide valuable content to your subscribers. When your content is useful, your clients are likely to forward the information with their colleagues. You can promote this practice by using calls to actions and links that make it easy to share the content.

Reminder emails are another way you can provide valuable information to your clients. It’s easy to lose track of policy renewal and enrollment deadlines, so most will appreciate a reminder as the deadlines approach. Sending these reminders is a valuable service and creates an additional opportunity to connect with clients.

Show prospects how your agency can help them recruit candidates

You also want to provide valuable content for prospects to encourage them to inquire about your services. It’s important to show that you provide unique benefits that set you apart from other agencies. For example, you could create a handout for clients that shows unique benefit offerings your agency offers. This could be a great tool for your clients to use when recruiting new candidates.

Stay in touch

Regularly communicating with your list is essential for client retention. When insurance agencies lose clients, common reasons given are they longer need coverage or they’ve found a cheaper option. But this might not be the whole story.

The company Rocket Referrals found in one study that 81% of insurance agency clients leave because, “they lack regular and meaningful communication” with their agency. To remedy this situation, use regular email updates to stay in touch with your clients.

How to Grow an Insurance Email List With Clients & Prospects

There are many different ways you can grow your email list of clients and prospects. One useful strategy is developing a personalized CTA (call-to-action) for your company’s website to drive subscriptions for your email list. Ideally, the CTA will appear on your homepage, each blog post, and landing page you create. The CTA should be tailored to meet the specific needs of your existing customers and prospects. For example, you might encourage them to join your email list on a blog post about onboarding by suggesting that you’ll share more onboarding content via your newsletter.

Another option is to use a timed pop-up survey question asking visitors to your website if they would like to sign up for your email list. The question should only appear after a visitor remains on the page for 10 seconds or longer. This indicates that they have found something of value on the page and may be open to sharing their email address. Check out PushCrew for your WordPress blog.

If you already have an email newsletter or library of free resources, try pitching that content on your agency’s Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn profiles. Your social media followers clearly like your message and resources, but they might not be subscribed to your list. Promote your email list and the content they’ll get access to.

Final Thoughts About Insurance Email List

Building an insurance email list is a useful marketing strategy and builds an additional touchpoint for you to engage with clients and prospects. At first, this initiative may require a considerable amount of time and effort, but will ultimately help you to connect with and retain your customers. Using the tips described above, you can optimize your email marketing strategy to grow your email list and attract long-term customers to your agency.

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Author: Ryan

Ryan is the VP, Marketing and Growth at Ease. Ease helps insurance brokers offer their SMB clients better service through simple technology. To date, more than 65,000 companies have enrolled in benefits with Ease.