Insurance Email Tactics to Boost Success Rates

Email Marketing Tactics For Insurance Agents

Using an effective email subject line should always be a large part of email marketing tactics for insurance agents. Having a compelling subject line increases the chances that your email will get a potential client’s attention and will be opened and read.

Emailing can be effective for insurance brokers in the following situations: when sending prospecting emails to people you’ve never contacted before during Q1 and Q2, and when re-engaging existing contacts during Q3. In this post, I’ll provide insurance email tactics that can boost email success rates.

Email Subject Lines for Cold Emailing

Insurance email tactics that include compelling email subject lines greatly improve email open rates. An ineffective subject line results in emails being ignored or marked as spam. So how can you write better subject lines when emailing prospective clients during Q1 and Q2? Here are some of the top recommendations from content marketing leader HubSpot:

      1. Personalize the Email
        One of the most important email practices is personalization, or customizing the subject line to your audience’s interests or concerns. Making the email relevant to their needs often compels your recipients to read the email.
      2. Convey a Sense of Urgency
        If you communicate a sense of urgency to your prospective clients they will be more likely to read your email and to take action.
      3. Make an Offer
        When thinking of insurance email tactics, putting an offer directly in the subject line, such as a discount or a free giveaway, can be highly effective. These kinds of offers can encourage recipients to open your email.
      4. Mention Trending Topics
        You can also incorporate trending topics or headlines into the subject line that are of interest to your potential customers, this helps you establish authority in your industry.

These are some simple steps you can take to make your agency’s prospecting emails more compelling. It’s best to begin by reviewing the subject lines you are currently using with a critical eye. Are they tailored to your target customers? Are the words easy to understand and action-oriented? Does the language reflect your audience’s vocabulary?

After you’ve reviewed your subject lines, identify ways you can improve them using the insurance email tactics I highlighted above. Then rewrite your subject lines so they better resonate with your target clients.

Some other tips to keep in mind are subject lines should be short and to the point, making the intention of the email perfectly clear. An ideal length is less than five words, since open rates drop to 50% for subject lines that are five words long and continue to decrease as the word count increases. Using a title case also tends to increase the number of opens and replies. By implementing these recommendations, you can make your emails to prospective clients more effective.

Email Subject Lines for Re-Engaging Contacts

When thinking of insurance email tactics, email subject lines are also important when re-engaging existing contacts in your database during Q3. Most of your subscribers are inundated with emails every day, and it’s inevitable that some will begin to lose interest in your marketing emails. If you don’t take action and target these disengaged subscribers, they are likely to ignore your future emails or even unsubscribe.

Launching re-engagement campaigns during Q3 is an excellent practice for winning back these inactive subscribers. A study from Return Path found that after companies sent win-back emails, 45% of recipients read their subsequent emails. The study also demonstrated that subject lines made a big difference. If the subject line included an invitation to opt in the read rate was only 1.8%, but when the subject line included the phrases “miss you” or “come back”, the read rate jumped to 13%.

Based on their findings, Return Path recommends using a concise subject line that is different from your current emails for a re-engagement campaign. Using a subject line that contains phrases such as “We Miss You” or “Was It Something We Said” is one of the insurance email tactics that can boost open rates. At the same time, make sure to tailor the subject line to your audience.

Utilizing these tips can help you re-engage prospects that have gone cold in Q3 and encourage them to become more engaged with your agency.

How to Avoid Spam Filters to Boost Your Insurance Email Tactics

Whether you are cold emailing or trying to re-engage a customer, there are certain precautions you should take to prevent spam filters from blocking your emails. When it comes to email subject lines, avoid using certain words that are known to trigger spam filters. Some common words that often set off spam filters are “free”, “reminder”, “guarantee”, and “help”. One especially useful resource is this list of 200 spam trigger words you should avoid. A good practice is to print out this chart and refer to it as you compose your email subject lines. By carefully selecting the words you put in the email subject line, you can greatly increase your chance that the email will successfully reach your prospective client’s inbox.

Final Thoughts About Insurance Email Tactics

Writing an effective email subject line is one of the most powerful email marketing tactics. They can increase the chances that both your cold emails and re-engagement emails will get your potential clients’ attention and prompt them to open and read the email. This also makes it more likely that your prospective clients will take the desired action. Overall, subject lines optimize campaigns, and are a very important part of insurance email tactics.

Author: Ryan

Ryan is the VP, Marketing and Growth at Ease. Ease helps insurance brokers offer their SMB clients better service through simple technology. To date, more than 65,000 companies have enrolled in benefits with Ease.