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Insurance Leads On LinkedIn: Improve Your Prospecting Strategy

Social media platforms have changed the way we sell products and services. They empower business owners, marketers, and sales reps to attract buyers in a more organic manner, reducing cold calls and turning the approach into warmer introductions. But each social media platform is different. Facebook and Instagram are ideal to learn more about your prospects? personality and interests, Twitter is where the news about your agency should be, and LinkedIn is the perfect destination for you to sell insurance. In this week’s post, we share three ideas on how to generate insurance leads on LinkedIn to help you improve your prospecting strategy and grow your book of business.

Keep in mind, in this post, we focus our advice on your personal LinkedIn profile instead of your agency’s profile. The main reason why is because to start building a relationship with your prospects, it is important to approach them in a personal way. Think about a networking event, you introduce yourself as you, not your company. While personal profiles allow you to connect on a more personal level with your prospects, a business page is different. Personal pages have connections, company pages have followers. That being said, a profile for your agency is just as important to engage with your audience and drive traffic to your website. You will have to work on both if you want to achieve meaningful results.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

The majority of users on LinkedIn have a profile with the objective of finding a job, growing their professional connections, or boosting their careers. For them, the most desirable contacts to connect with are recruiters or LinkedIn influencers that can help them achieve their goals. But if you want to generate insurance leads on LinkedIn, your goal is to find prospects and your connections should be your current and potential clients.

HR professionals examine profiles and information at their disposal to determine who the right broker is to help them tackle their problems. Therefore, while most of the users will write their profile enhancing their professional skills and values, when generating insurance leads on LinkedIn, you will highlight how you help your clients achieve their full potential.

For example, instead of showing off your $50,000 in commission from new businesses last quarter, you will explain how you tailored the benefits to each of your companies, created a personalized approach, and how it helped them increase their employee happiness and engagement. When prospects visit your LinkedIn profile, they will gain confidence in you or they won’t. Present yourself as a meaningful and useful resource with the capability to work with them on their needs.

LinkedIn profiles consist of different sections. Here are the ones we consider the most important when generating insurance leads on LinkedIn.


This is the first piece of information your prospects will read. Use this space to write more than your job title. You have 120 characters to work on a well-crafted line that will spark curiosity. For example, instead of ?Insurance Broker?, choose ?Broker, finding the perfect benefits for businesses?.


In this section, illustrate everything you have to offer. Speak about your expertise in the insurance industry and how you help your clients choose the best benefit plan for their company and their wide range of employees. Point out your key differentiators such as technology. For instance, if you are offering an HR solution to your businesses, highlight the advantages and showcase examples your prospects can relate to.


Don’t list your duties and responsibilities. Instead, point out the result you have helped clients achieve and show how instrumental you were in the process. Share successful case studies and introduce yourself as an essential part of them.

Articles And Activity

This section shows your personal activity on LinkedIn: articles and posts you have published as well as likes, comments, and shares. If you interact with the content of others, your actions will appear on the LinkedIn feed of your connections. Demonstrate your expertise, contribute to solve your network’s problems, and show how you conduct yourself in different interactions and discussions.


This section is crucial to generate insurance leads on LinkedIn. Recommendations are your social proof. Ask clients that you have worked with and that know your characteristics and strengths to write about specific benefits you bring to their company. Recommendations on LinkedIn act as trust-builders and will increase your credibility.

Research Process to Generating Insurance Leads on LinkedIn

When prospecting, the research process is key to determine the quality of your leads. With no prior history of the contact and no context, gathering the right information can be complicated. However, LinkedIn allows you to find prospects and their information at the same time.

LinkedIn provides a variety of filters that allow you to refine your search in a sophisticated manner to identify potential clients. If you know your market consists of small to medium-sized businesses with less than 250 employees, LinkedIn will help you eliminate any prospect outside of these criteria. As you can see on the image below, you can filter by industry, selecting only HR professionals. If you are a broker operating only in California, you can filter by location. Or even if you know a certain company is going through some changes, you can focus your efforts on that company only.

insurance leads on linkedin

When generating insurance leads on LinkedIn, you won’t have to run your perfect search each time you start the process. Let’s say your ideal prospect is an HR manager at a company with less than 200 employees in the Northeast region. Rather than typing and clicking each time you start your research process, set up a saved search. LinkedIn will send you an email notifying you about new search results. You can also set up the frequency of these emails daily, weekly or monthly, and you will be getting pre-qualified leads right to your inbox. Other tactics you can implement to facilitate your search is to pay attention to the ?people also viewed? bar at the right of your LinkedIn feed or explore your customers? connections. In addition, you can track a company. LinkedIn will send you an email when new employees join the company you are tracking and, by doing so, you can be the first to act. For example, you could contact companies that reach 25 employees, present your technology advantage, and be the first to implement an HR solution with them.

Take Advantage Of LinkedIn Sales Tools

LinkedIn as a platform is aware of its social selling potential. Hence, the platform offers LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a subscription service to use LinkedIn as part of your lead generation strategy. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is not the same as a premium account. It is a SaaS platform comprised of a collection of powerful search capabilities. Basically, this service grants you access to the network of 590 million users and all the data connected to them.

Using Sales Navigator to generate insurance leads on LinkedIn will allow you to improve your visibility in the social media platform. By creating personalized algorithms to help you reach your audience, LinkedIn helps you stay updated about current clients, qualify leads, and build relationships with prospects.

Among other features, CRM integrations and lead builder stand out. LinkedIn will automatically save leads and connect them to your Marketing Automation or CRM System with a single click. As for the lead builder feature, you can save prospects as leads. By doing so, you will be telling LinkedIn what type of profiles you are interested in. Their content will appear directly on your homepage so you can react to it and warm the prospects before actually getting in contact with them. After gathering enough data, Sales Navigator will build lead recommendations for you.

Final Thoughts About Insurance Leads on LinkedIn

Implementing these three ideas to generate insurance leads on LinkedIn will make the prospecting process easier and smoother. On one hand, you will increase and optimize your presence in the professional network. As a result, you will maximize your visibility in search and, in the long term, you can establish your agency as an industry leader. When decision-makers in the human resources field look for a benefits solution for their company, you will be prepared to satisfy their needs. On the other hand, when actively researching for qualified leads, LinkedIn will help you become more efficient, save time, and actually replace the awkwardness of cold calling with a warmer approach.

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