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Insurance Quotes on Video to Win New BORs

September 16, 2019

Let’s imagine this situation. You meet with a prospective client and you collect all the necessary information to put together a quote. When the quote is ready, you try to get together with the prospect to review it, but you keep missing each other. Does this sound familiar? Every health insurance broker dreads this situation. While prospects take time to consider all their options, it’s crucial for you to stand out. Sales calls and emails are overly used methods, but there is a format to present quotes that is starting to break through. In this week’s post, we share why presenting insurance quotes on video should be part of your strategy to sell insurance.

Insurance Quotes on Video

A video quote consists of presenting your new business quotes on a video. In addition to a written document, you record yourself explaining the quote as if you were reviewing it in person with the prospective client. Presenting a quote in the form of a video will show your prospects you go above and beyond.

Creating Insurance Quotes on Video

There are many different options, but it’s important to pick the right one for you. Creating a video quote shouldn’t become a drag, so keep in mind your skills, tools, and resources. You can record yourself sharing your screen and talking alongside the written quote to explain what everything means, you could make a comparison between your offer and their current plan, or you could just talk about the key differences and advantages of your service.

Furthermore, there are different ways to share a video quote with a prospective client. You could add the video in the email along with the written copy or you could create a password-protected webpage. There are platforms such as Vidyard, Loom, and QuoteVids 2.0 by Advisor Evolved that help you create and share insurance quotes on video.

HR professionals keep turning to benefits brokers to find the best options for their company. However, if they don’t understand your offering, your work could be wasted. They need to clearly comprehend the plan options, procedures, and ever-changing legal requirements. By taking the time to explain and review the quote in a video, your potential customers will feel more prepared to make a decision. Below we explain the four reasons why sharing your quotes through video will positively surprise your prospects and boost responses.

1. Increase Engagement Through Video Quotes

Video keeps people’s attention better and will create the feeling of a one-on-one conversation with your prospects, which will result in higher engagement. Nowadays, skimming through content is a common exercise, but video ranks first in terms of engagement.

Importance of presenting insurance quotes on video

When creating video content, the simpler it is, the more authentic it seems. If you put together a big video production that seems far from reality, it will inhibit your ability to build familiarity. By creating insurance quotes on video to explain the quote to your prospective customer in a simple and raw manner, you will boost trust and, consequently, engagement.?

2. Video Makes Insurance Concepts Easier to Understand

Complex is the word to describe today’s benefits administration industry. HR professionals have plenty to handle, including payroll and ACA compliance. With different generations co-existing in the workforce, making sure their decision is the best one for all ages is a challenge.

By watching personalized insurance quotes on video and explaining the benefits and advantages of your offering, HR professionals are able to absorb and understand more information than by reading. Instead of providing a long document with a bunch of difficult concepts and numbers, create a video and explain what the concepts and numbers mean and how they will impact their company. Employers rely on brokers to help them navigate the benefits industry, but they need to understand everything you can do for them.?

presenting insurance quotes on video
Source: The State of Video Marketing in 2019 – Hubspot Research

3. Increase Conversions Down the Funnel

Video is now used in sales departments and can be tied to conversions. 70% of B2B marketers consider video more effective when converting qualified leads than other types of content. Picture this scenario: your prospects? inboxes are full of sales pitches and messages promising the best and most personalized insurance service. In this context, you can use video to make a positive impression and get past your competition.

Keep in mind that to boost conversions it’s important to not dilute the message and always stay strategic, add value, keep it short, and make it extremely personalized. Sending a video quote is more memorable than sending a generic text email.

4. Access to Analytics to Understand Your Customers’ Behavior

Presenting your insurance quote on video will grant you access to marketing analytics that wouldn’t be available otherwise. By sending a quote in a video format, you will be able to answer the following questions:

Final Thoughts

When trying to grow your agency and win new business, it’s crucial to differentiate yourself from the competition. Filming video has never been easier and more accessible. Explore different options such as screen recorders, mobile cameras, or entry-level video equipment. Don’t forget to introduce yourself in the video and explain why the prospective customer should choose to work with your agency. At the end, always include a call to action and indicate how to contact you. By using video quotes, you will boost your engagement rate and your prospects’ responses will increase. This is the first step to sell insurance and start signing more BORs.

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