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Insurance Retention Marketing for Long-Term Growth

October 22, 2018

Retention marketing is an extremely important practice for insurance agencies. It differs from acquisition marketing, which is geared toward attracting new clients. The goal of retention marketing is to keep your current clients engaged so they will continue to work with your agency long-term. Previously, we’ve shared retention marketing tips for health insurance agencies. However, this week we are going to review why insurance retention marketing is an essential practice for agencies and strategies for effective implementation.

Why are insurance retention marketing campaigns important?

There are many advantages to focusing on existing clients in addition to attracting new ones. Here are some of the main ways retention marketing can benefit your agency:

Increases Long-Term Revenue

Agencies that focus on customer retention can increase their revenue by as much as 80% within two years. One reason is that agencies with insurance retention marketing campaigns have a lower rate of churn. They are able to keep more customers, which means they need fewer new customers to grow their client base. In addition, long-term customers boost your revenue because they use your agency regularly, spend more on your services, and have a greater customer lifetime value.

Reduces Customer Acquisition Costs

By focusing on client retention, you can reduce your agency’s customer acquisition costs. In fact, customer retention campaigns can decrease your customer acquisition expenses by 30%. This is because it costs much more to acquire a new client than to retain a current one. By implementing insurance retention marketing programs, your agency can reduce marketing costs by maintaining a positive relationship with your existing clients so they will continue to use your agency.

Encourages Satisfied Clients To Promote Your Agency

Insurance retention marketing helps you gain more long-term clients who are likely to recommend your agency to others. Studies show that 80% of your agency’s future revenue will result from 20% of your current clients recommending your agency. This demonstrates that current customers are likely to refer your agency to other people in their network. Satisfied customers are generally happy to share their positive experiences with others, and prospects are more likely to trust a recommendation from someone they know. Furthermore, prospects who are referred by a friend or colleague are 4 times more likely to become clients than those who found your agency by searching online.

Insurance Retention Marketing Practices

For insurance retention marketing to be effective, it’s important to keep your customers engaged and make your agency indispensable to them. Some of the best retention marketing practices for insurance agencies include creating useful content, utilizing the latest technology, and being attuned to your client’s concerns and pain points.

Providing Valuable Content

It’s essential to develop valuable content to educate your clients on your agency’s services and benefits offerings. Many clients find insurance topics confusing, and your agency could focus on creating content to educate them. You might provide an online glossary defining key insurance terms, or a series of blog posts on how to select insurance plans that will meet employees’ needs. Other valuable content might include a guide to navigating open enrollment, a webinar on new voluntary benefits for your clients to consider, and video tutorials on the latest benefits administration software. By developing and sharing helpful content and resources with your clients, you will provide them with a valuable service which will encourage them to continue using your agency.

Utilizing The Latest Technology

Staying up-to-date on the latest technology is an important practice that can help with insurance retention marketing. Staying ahead of technology trends can help you appeal more to current and prospective clients and give you an edge over the competition. Automating common practices can give your clients the best experience possible. Invest in secure self-service portals so your clients can access their benefits information at any time. Another good practice is to stay aware of the top-rated HR and benefits administration software on the market. If you can advise your clients on the benefits software that will work best for their company, that can also give them a positive impression of your agency.

Being Attuned To Clients’ Needs

Another essential practice for boosting client retention is engaging with clients to truly understand their needs and concerns. As an insurance agent, it’s paramount to develop a personal relationship with clients. An important way to gain their trust is to elicit their feedback and listen to their concerns. You can ask for feedback in a number of ways, such as using an online survey or having a feedback landing page on your website. When reviewing client feedback, be especially attuned to what their pain points are and work with them to find a solution. For example, if clients are overwhelmed with the policy options available to them, you might set up an in-person meeting to help them determine which policy best meets their needs. By quickly and easily solving customers’ problems, you can increase their sense of loyalty to your agency.

Final Thoughts About Insurance Retention Marketing

Using insurance retention marketing, in addition to acquisition marketing, has many long-term advantages for your agency. However, for retention marketing to be successful, it must engage your customers and make your agency indispensable to them. To accomplish this, you need to listen to your clients, understand their needs and pain points, and be committed to helping them find a solution to their problems. By engaging in these practices, your clients will trust your agency more and be more likely to become loyal long-term customers.

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