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Insurance Social Proof to Expand Your Agency

September 04, 2018

In last week’s post, I discussed some of the ways online reviews benefit insurance agencies. Online reviews are undoubtedly a valuable form of social proof for agencies. But there are other social proof strategies you can use to build your credibility with prospects. In this post, we’ll take a close look at using insurance social proof to expand your agency.

What is insurance social proof?

What does social proof actually mean? Social proof is the way that another person’s actions and attitudes can influence our own behavior. If lots of other people are using a particular product or service, we are prompted to try it as well.

There are many different kinds of social proof, ranging from celebrity endorsements to positive recommendations. The kind of social proof that is most relevant to insurance agencies is user social proof, which includes online reviews, testimonials, and case studies.

Using Insurance Social Proof to Expand Your Agency

There are many types of user social proof that can benefit your agency. Here are a few details about ones that can drive impact:

Social Media Mentions and Shares

Social media sharing is a very effective tool for using insurance social proof to expand your agency. For example, the number of likes one of your social posts receives can quickly persuade prospects to learn more about your agency. Excellent content is key for social media sharing. For your agency, this content could be a blog post about navigating open enrollment. In addition to creating exceptional content, it should also be easy to share. Every one of your blog posts, landing pages, and whitepapers can benefit from having social media sharing buttons. They should also include links to your company’s LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profiles. This increases the chance that customers will share the content, a valuable form of insurance social proof for your agency.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews make your agency seem more trustworthy, help customers assess the value of your services, and boost your website’s Google ranking. Customer reviews posted on sites like Google My Business and Yelp are also a highly effective form of social proof. Positive reviews make the majority of people trust a business more. If your agency has favorable ratings, prospects will be more likely to trust you with their businesses’ benefits. And, according to the Harvard Business Review, a 1-star increase in a business’s Yelp rating is linked to a 5-9% growth in sales.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Some of the best forms of insurance social proof are customer case studies and testimonials, which highlight the experiences of your most satisfied customers. Testimonials are brief recommendations from happy customers, and often include the customer’s photo for maximum impact. Case studies are more in-depth than testimonials and feature a person or a business confronting a specific problem. They tell the story of the challenge the individual or business was facing and how your product or service helped them resolve it. For example, you could write a case study about one of your long-term customers. Provide details about their experience with your business and how your services have helped them. Case studies and testimonials can work wonders for your agency’s reputation and credibility and can increase your conversion rate. In the next section, we’ll review case studies specific to health insurance agencies.

Using insurance social proof to expand your agency is a great asset to any marketing strategy. Most likely, you already have the data you need, especially if your agency has been in business for some time. To begin, check all of your social media accounts and business pages, and note shares and positive feedback to include on your website. If you have a Google My Business or Yelp page, identify the most effective positive reviews. You can also estimate the number of customers your agency has helped over the years and add this number to your marketing materials or website. Finally, make a list of satisfied customers who might be willing to provide a testimonial or be featured in a case study.

How to Use Case Studies as Insurance Social Proof

Case studies are a particularly valuable form of social proof, yet many agencies don’t use them in their marketing. The many ways agencies benefit their clients can be profiled in a case study. Here are some possible topics to write case studies about:

How Your Agency Helps Clients Identify Their Best Health Insurance Option

Many companies and individuals who buy health insurance might be unfamiliar with how plans work. Insurance plans are complex, and it can be difficult for clients to decide which one is best for their company. This case study could feature a client who was struggling to figure out the best insurance option. It would explain how your agency found a plan that best met the client’s needs.

Ways Your Agency Helps Clients Save Time and Money

You are adept at helping your clients save time and money. This is because you take your clients’ budget into account and make sure they don’t pay extra for unnecessary features. You can also secure better rates for their clients. In addition, you can save your clients a great deal of time by researching health plans for them. This case study could act as your insurance social proof and cover how your agency helped a client secure a better rate for a health insurance plan.

How Your Agency Alleviates Your Clients’ Concerns

There are many ways that you can set your clients’ minds at ease. You can reassure clients that they will be fully covered in case of a health crisis. Or, if your client is worried about rising healthcare costs, you can help them find third-party administrator plans. You help clients make informed decisions about their coverage and can advise them if they need help resolving an insurance claim. Your case study might explain how your agency helped a client resolve a difficult claim.

Final Thoughts About Insurance Social Proof

Social proof is undoubtedly an extremely important component to an insurance agency’s marketing plan. Incorporating social proof into your marketing makes prospects trust you more, enhances your reputation, and can increase your conversion rate. Ultimately, using insurance social proof to expand your agency is a great marketing tool to consider.

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