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Managing Evidence of Insurability Just Got Easier

Setup, track, and manage employees’ EOI statuses all in one place.

A complex benefits plan setup can make you want to crawl right back into your bed without a second glance. The rules set for benefits amounts, guaranteed issues, and evidence of insurability (EOIs) are enough to cause a headache. You need a benefits system that makes it simple. With our newest update, you can complete the plan setup, test guaranteed issues, and manage employee requested amounts in one place.

A Cleaner Setup for Ease of Mind

The benefits amount setup process is cleaner and easier to navigate than ever before. Instead of benefits amount settings and guaranteed issue amounts sharing the same space, the information is divided into two tabs. The same rules that you know and love can be set for the benefits amount. The increments, earnings, age reduction, and rounding rules are listed together without any other information crowding their space. Start with the bones of the setup and then move through the remaining tabs with ease.

Where did the guaranteed issue settings go? They have packed up their boxes and moved to their own home a couple pixels away. Now, the guaranteed issue (GI) amounts can be set for the employees, spouses, and children under their own tab in the setup. Plus, if you need a quick refresher on each term used for the GI amount settings, the definitions are listed right there for you.

Even better, we are introducing a new setting for guaranteed issue amounts. If you’ve changed carriers and all employees need to be treated as newly eligible, you can set it up in Ease. By adding an end date to our new field Treat All as Newly Eligible End Date, employees will be treated as newly eligible until the set date. No work-around needed.

Guaranteed Issue? Time to Rename It to Guaranteed Success

While you’re setting up the rules of the guaranteed issue amounts, you can validate and run scenarios of those settings. Not sure if the open enrollment employees are allowed to increase their amount up to the newly eligible GI amount or to the plan maximum? Test and run the scenario directly under the setup to see how it plays out. Anyone will tell you it is crucial to test your plan setups, but instead of creating a new test employee to test one specific setup rule for your plan, Ease will run the scenario for you. See for yourself if the right guaranteed issue amount is set and make adjustments in seconds.

An added bonus: if an employee previously enrolled in the plan with incorrect guaranteed issue rules set, there is a quick fix. After running the scenarios, validate the GI amounts set and we will retroactively fix any impacted employees with incorrect amounts set. An issue just got solved in seconds for you.

The One Stop Shop of Your Dreams

You’ve set up the benefits amounts and the guaranteed issues, now employees are starting to make their elections. As the enrollments start filing in, Agency and Enterprise subscriptions can track and manage request amounts in one dashboard. The days of going through each employee one by one to review their requested amounts are over. The EOI status tracker keeps the benefits amount information all in one place for all your employees including the employees’ dependents, approved amounts, requested amounts, effective date, and status. Plus, you can manage requested amounts right then and there.

One click and a pop-up box will allow you to manage the selected employee’s benefits amount by entering their effective date and status. Did the employee get approved for above the guaranteed issue, but not the full requested amount? Update the employee amount. Once the employee is updated, the status will automatically change and the tracker number at the top will reflect the count of employees under each status.

Time to Impress with Speed

Balancing the requested benefits amount over the guaranteed issue is not a small feat. Retire the homemade spreadsheets and track it all in Ease, available to all Agency and Enterprise users now.

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