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Now’s the Time to Prep for Digital Open Enrollment

Little more than half of all brokers feel confident they have the necessary tools to support a digital open enrollment for their clients this year, according to our annual open enrollment survey. Which side of the coin are you on?

99.39% believe technology will play an important role in open enrollment, but only 53.96% of agencies are extremely confident they have the necessary tools and software to support serving clients digitally during this year.

And while it’s highly unlikely brokers will complete any business without the support of digital tools this year, your groups are looking to you for more than ever before.

Navigating New Client Expectations

Your biggest, busiest time of year is almost here: open enrollment. Superior service remains a top priority for brokers, for sure, but client expectations are swiftly changing. Today, brokers say their employer groups expect more: expanded support, services, and products.

Especially when it comes to winning new business, cost-containment measures and support for compliance and regulatory issues play starring roles. But how do you do all of this with the same amount of time in a day?

Building out your digital stack helps provide a streamlined administrative experience and opens up time to work on the relationship part of those heightened client expectations.

For agencies winning new business this year, driving factors include:

  • 26.97% say the promise of a paper-free online benefits enrollment
  • 38.93% say better support with compliance and regulatory issues
  • 44.53% say innovative ways to help clients contain costs
  • 71.76% say superior customer service

To carve out your competitive advantage, it pays dividends to digitize your book of business — and that starts with a paper-free open enrollment.

Set Yourself Up for Continued Open-Enrollment Success

You’ve already completed one OE in uncertain times, and it’s time to get ahead of the curve. A digital solution is the standard right now, but more than 80% of groups want to use benefits technology after COVID-19, too.

91.41% of agencies are at least somewhat likely to put or keep groups on a benefits administration solution in preparation for this year’s open enrollment season.

80.42% of groups are more eager to use benefits administration technology post-COVID-19.

It’s pretty clear: Offering your clients a paperless open enrollment is no longer a pandemic-era novelty. It’s the expectation.

Are You Ready to Run an Online Benefits Enrollment this Year?

Opting for digital enrollment with Ease puts you in control of your groups’ OE experience. In as little as one hour, you can have your group ready to go for a paperless open enrollment.

Psst: 84.95% of Ease users reported winning new business compared to 64.95% from non-users or unidentified survey participants over the past year.

Even after OE closes, you can offer HR tools, TPA connections, ACA compliance, and payroll integrations through Ease all while managing mid-year changes for your clients in a single spot.

More Open Enrollment Insights Now Available

It’s the perfect time — download your own free copy of The 2021 Digital Broker’s Open Enrollment Readiness Report today.


The data in this report reflects survey results from 568 brokers, agency account managers, agency owners, and other agency staff selling group health insurance throughout the United States, regardless of their adoption of Ease. The following analysis uses this anonymized data collected throughout July 2021.