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Online HR Department Resources

Josh Gregg
March 31, 2020

In the blink of an eye, the world has changed — and the challenges we face today are unlike anything we’ve experienced. We get it, that’s why we’ve created these Online HR Department Resources.

  1. Handling COVID-19 Related Circumstances in Ease
  2. Support and Training for Employers New to Ease
  3. Support and Training for Employers Currently Using Ease

Whether you’ve been using Ease for a while or are just getting started, we’ve assembled several handy resources to help you handle COVID-19 related circumstances in Ease and to help you quickly learn and get the most from Ease.

Cost-containment measures, telemedicine, and other remote HR solutions are rapidly becoming a necessity. With your broker by your side and Ease at your fingertips, you have a suite of helpful resources to provide your employees with benefits, telemedicine, Onboarding, and HR access from anywhere they are, and anywhere you are.

Support and Training for Employers New to Ease

New to Ease? Get the support or training necessary to be successful with Ease. From training videos to support information, these resources include everything to get up and running.

Support and Training for Employers Currently Using Ease

Need a refresher on using key features in Ease? From basic training videos to in-depth support information, these resources includes everything you need to get the most of your Ease system.

Final Thoughts

We understand you’re faced with many new challenges, scenarios, and situations affecting your business and your employees. Please reach out to your broker if you have questions or need help — we’re here for you.

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