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Solidifying Your Insurance Agency Online Presence

September 24, 2018

Your agency’s online presence is essential for growing your business. A strong online presence enhances your agency’s reputation, helps you reach your target audience, and increases trust with prospects. This week’s post recaps strategies from prior Broker Tool Belt posts that can help to fine-tune your insurance agency online presence.

Build a Sleek and Mobile-Friendly Website to Boost Your Insurance Agency Online Presence

Your website is the foundation for your insurance agency online presence. For your website to be effective, it needs to combine elegant design and excellent functionality. Here are some of the best practices to keep in mind when designing a website.

      1. First, your website design should be easy to navigate. It can be tempting to fit as much content as possible on your homepage, but this practice should be avoided. Too much content can make the page difficult for customers to read, which results in an unsatisfying customer experience and high exit rates.
      2. Keep in mind that consumers prefer visuals over text. In fact, 91% of buyers prefer visual and interactive content over text-based content. Graphics and images make it easier for your customers to understand and retain relevant information. Many insurance agency websites still rely heavily on text, so using images will help you stand out from your competitors. If you use online enrollment software, include images that take the prospect inside the experience.
      3. It’s essential for your website to have a mobile-friendly design. Mobile commerce continues to grow in popularity, so it is important that your agency stays up-to-date on this trend. A mobile-friendly design helps your prospective customers find information on employee benefits plans more easily and provides a better customer experience.

Incorporate SEO Practices

After you’ve optimized your website, you should promote it to develop an insurance agency online presence. Having a solid SEO strategy is essential because it boosts your website’s search engine ranking and makes it easier for prospective customers to discover your agency.

Ideally, when running a Google search for employee insurance benefits, your agency’s website would appear on the first page. Backlinking is an important SEO practice for getting your website to appear as one of the first search results. Backlinking is simply when one website shares a link to another website. An example would be if another agency shared a link to your blog post on their own website.

Google search results are largely based on how people link to a website. The idea is that the more valuable information the site contains, the more people will backlink to it. In this way, better sites rank higher. However, you need to make sure that high-quality websites are backlinking to you.

There are a few different methods you can use to increase your chances of getting high-quality backlinks. These include guest blogging on leading health insurance websites, adding more list posts to your blog, and conducting surveys on employers to find out what kind of employee benefits plan they need. You can then share your findings with your audience in a blog post or an infographic. For example, what are employers’ preferences when it comes to benefits and HR software?

When thinking about SEO, keep in mind that Google often updates their SEO practices. For example, Google now prioritizes mobile versions of websites over desktop versions and takes the loading speed of mobile sites into account when determining their ranking. This means that more than ever, insurance websites need to focus on optimizing their content for mobile to maximize insurance agency online presence.

Utilize Customer Reviews and Case Studies

Using customer reviews and case studies can greatly benefit your insurance agency online presence. These two forms of social proof can make prospects trust you more, build your agency’s credibility, and increase your conversion rates.

Customer reviews make your agency seem more trustworthy and can improve your website’s Google ranking. This is true regardless of whether the reviews are posted on your agency’s website or on sites like Yelp. Reviews also give prospects a means to assess the quality of your agency’s services. As a result, reviews can help prospects trust you with their employee benefits and prompt them to contact you.

Case studies are similar to testimonials in that they highlight the experiences of your satisfied customers. However, they are more in-depth and follow an individual or company confronting a specific problem. They explain how your product or service helped them to find an effective solution to their problem. A case study might show how your agency helps clients save time and money.

Publicize your reviews and case studies to yield the best results. Post them in a visible location on your agency’s website and include your customers? names and photos whenever possible. Share this positive customer feedback on your social media networks so your audience can see it. Publicizing your reviews and case studies is an excellent way to boost your agency’s reputation.

Implement Free Advertising Options

Advertising remains an important part of any agency’s marketing strategy. However, not all agencies have the budget to invest in ad campaigns, local advertising, and marketing specialists. The good news is it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on advertising. In fact, there are many effective free advertising strategies you can use to grow your insurance agency online presence.

Some of the best ways to promote your agency online include developing an effective blog and being active on social media. Regularly updating your blog with content relevant to employers is essential. Incorporate SEO practices so people can find your blog posts and website more easily in Google searches. Using social media is another great way to promote your brand and connect with clients and prospects. Your agency should have business pages on LinkedIn and Facebook where you can share your recent content and updates. For example, you might post an article on the latest healthcare trends or a list of the best benefits software for companies.

Another excellent free tool for promoting your agency is Google My Business, which can boost your ranking in local searches. This shows prospects that you are an established and trustworthy agency and gives you an edge over your competitors. In addition, Google My Business lets you update your business information easily and interact with your customers from different devices.

Final Thoughts About Building an Insurance Agency Online Presence

An insurance agency online presence is an important area for your agency to focus its marketing efforts. The strategies profiled in this post are just some of the ways you can develop your online presence.

Ultimately, your agency’s online presence is one of the best ways to establish credibility, expand your audience, and give prospects the confidence to contact your agency.

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