Dental & Vision Plans with Starmount and Ease

Starmount and EaseCentral

Starmount and Ease are partnering to bring employers and employees affordable dental and vision coverage.

Starmount is a member of the Unum Group family of licensed insurers and their worksite dental & vision insurance offers a solution to help meet nontraditional workforce needs. Employers who work with Starmount and Ease can expect practical dental and vision plan designs that emphasize prevention and wellness, offer access to national provider networks that help stretch valuable coverage, and provide innovative tools that extend customer self-service 24/7.

The Starmount dental network has over 323,000 access points and their national vision provider network includes optometrists, ophthalmologists, and regional and national chains like Walmart Vision Center and Target.

Visit the Ease Marketplace for more information on Starmount and other benefit offerings.