Insurance Lead Generation Guide to Optimize Customer Experience

Last week I discussed how modern insurance marketing requires brokers to optimize the customer experience. An essential element to this strategy is marketing content. In last weekís blog, I shared data that found Generation X and Baby Boomers prefer readable content. This week Iíll discuss in-depth how to create and utilize one popular piece of content amongst B2B buyers to optimize the customer experience and help you generate more leads in the process; an insurance lead generation guide.


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Insurance Website Design to Boost the Value of Your Brand

Happy New Year! Itís a new year with new opportunities to generate more leads, close more sales, and grow your book of business. Last year, on a number of occasions, I spoke about how marketing has shifted focus to the customer experience. Iíve previously discussed how to strategically optimize your insurance agent marketing plan to revolve around this concept; everything from content to branding. To get your new year started off right Iíll touch on an often overlooked aspect of marketing; insurance website design.


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Step by Step Insurance Agent Marketing – Part 1

Ever since we started the Broker Tool Belt Iíve outlined and explained various insurance agent marketing strategies, tips, tools, and resources. However, figuring out how to effectively put the pieces together can be daunting. So this week Iíll begin to outline a basic flow of phases and activities brokers should take to implement a modern insurance agent marketing strategy.


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Insurance Customer Journey Mapping to Improve Your Marketing

Most brokers understand how rapidly the industry is changing. Between customer behavior, Insurtech, and digital marketing, trying to keep up can be as difficult as me without morning coffee (trust me, itís not pretty). The reality is industries across the board are experiencing shifts in one form or the other, all thanks to technology. I can safely tell you digital marketing is no more immune to it than the insurance industry.†So whatís the latest and greatest in the digital marketing realm? Insurance customer journey mapping, and itís as relevant to your insurance agency marketing strategy as it is to digital marketers worldwide.


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Insurance Agency Retargeting Strategies & Tools

Weíve previously discussed the importance of having a modern website. Itís a great tool to increase inbound leads. While simply having a website will increase your agencyís inbound leads, thatís just half the battle. The next challenge is that itís very hard to convert ice cold website traffic into leads and sales. In fact, 96% of visitors to your agencyís website arenít ready to buy. This means theyíre going to leave your website, and most of the consumers who make up that percentage wonít come back. So how can you get those visitors back on track to convert? Well, this is where insurance agency retargeting comes into play.


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