Generating Insurance Leads On LinkedIn

Social media platforms have changed the way we sell products and services. They empower business owners, marketers, and sales reps to attract buyers in a more organic manner, reducing cold calls and turning the approach into warmer introductions. But each social media platform is different. Facebook and Instagram are ideal to learn more about your prospects’ personality and interests, Twitter is where the news about your agency should be, and LinkedIn is the perfect destination for you to sell insurance. In this week’s post, we share three ideas on how to generate insurance leads on LinkedIn to help you improve your prospecting strategy and grow your book of business.

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A/B Testing For Insurance Agencies

You are implementing digital marketing to sell insurance and grow your business. But are you aware of which marketing strategies work best for your agency? When writing email copy or blog posts, when designing call to action buttons, or when publishing on social media, we often use our intuition to decide what will make our prospects click and convert. But leaving marketing decisions to guesses and assumptions can be detrimental to results. In this week’s post, we explain A/B testing for insurance agencies to help you figure out what works for your agency and what doesn’t, with evidence to back it up.

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