Facebook Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents in 2018

At the beginning of 2018 Facebook made a significant update to their News Feed. The update meant their algorithm would shift focus to showing content from friends and family over content from business pages. I previously discussed the details of the News Feed update and ways insurance agents can work around it to get content in front of their target audience. This time around I’ll be listing Facebook marketing tips for insurance agents in 2018, and how to expand your organic reach.

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Insurance Agency Content Distribution Best Practices

Over the last few weeks I’ve taken an in depth look at content marketing through the See Think Do framework. However, having relevant content for each stage of buyer’s intent is only half the battle. There’s no point of having great content if no one sees it. For this week’s blog post I’ll outline some insurance agency content distribution best practices to get more eyes on your brand.

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An Insurance Agent Marketing Plan To Close More Sales

Over the last two weeks I’ve expanded on the See Think Do content marketing framework created by Avinash Kaushik. I’ve discussed content marketing tips and ideas for both the top of the funnel and middle of the funnel. This week I’ll share an insurance agent marketing plan for the bottom of the funnel that will help you drive more conversions through content.

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