Insurance Omnichannel Marketing to Set a Competitive Advantage

I’ve touched on insurance omnichannel marketing in previous blogs, but this week I’ll take a deeper dive into what this strategy incorporates, and how brokers can use it to optimize their own.

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Insurance Agency Retargeting Strategies & Tools

We’ve previously discussed the importance of having a modern website. It’s a great tool to increase inbound leads. While simply having a website will increase your agency’s inbound leads, that’s just half the battle. The next challenge is that it’s very hard to convert ice cold website traffic into leads and sales. In fact, 96% of visitors to your agency’s website aren’t ready to buy. This means they’re going to leave your website, and most of the consumers who make up that percentage won’t come back. So how can you get those visitors back on track to convert? Well, this is where insurance agency retargeting comes into play.

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Insurance Agency Chatbots: A Virtual Assistant

In the context of chatbots for the insurance industry, some viewed this tool as a threat to brokers. The reality is, chatbots are a great tool to complement the services of a brokerage; not replace them. At Broker Tool Belt we stay up to date with trending marketing technologies that can assist agents in taking their marketing strategy to the next level. This week we discuss the benefits, and use cases of insurance agency chatbots. 

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Insurance Email Marketing Trends to Keep Leads Engaged

Email marketing is commonly used by many industries to engage with leads and customers alike. That’s why this week on the Broker Tool Belt, we’re listing out the top 5 emerging insurance email marketing trends to look out for heading into years to come.

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Top Picks: Insurance Market Research Tools

We talk about digital marketing a lot. One recurring element about digital marketing is leveraging data insights to create relevant campaigns for qualified leads. In order to effectively accomplish this, it’s crucial to identify your target audience. This can be achieved by using insurance market research tools.

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Apple’s Heart Rate Monitoring Feature Gets Aetna’s Attention

On Tuesday, September 12th, Apple unveiled its latest line of products. One of their products, the Apple Watch, made waves across mainstream media due to newly added cellular capabilities. This means phone calls can be made and received through the watch. Can you say ‘Beam me up, Scotty”? At this point, you may be wondering what does this has to do with the health insurance industry? One specific feature: Apple’s Heart Rate Monitoring.

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