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Upgraded Customer Support Puts Brokers First

Julianne Bartlett
March 25, 2022

Self-service and more robust support options meet our customers where they are.

As a broker-focused software, the broker experience is at the center of our upgraded support platform here at Ease. We revamped our customer support system to make it easier for you to access helpful resources, suggest product enhancements, and connect with other broker users. This means fewer headaches, a simplified submission process, and a streamlined way to ensure every issue reaches the best person to help.

You’ll find a simple-to-use interface that’s easy to navigate, an in-app chat feature, time-saving callback request, a straightforward way to talk with us (and get the answers you need), and more.

Ease Live Chat Support

Assistance when you need it should be, well, easy to come by. And what’s easier than in-the-moment help from live chat? Accessible from all Ease screens, including your broker portal and marketplace, our live chat service eliminates the need to navigate multiple tabs to find what you’re seeking. Simply enter your question in the chat feature for assistance tracking down relevant support articles. Or, select “get in touch” to communicate with our team. This option allows you to select how you’d prefer to communicate — create a support ticket for later, call us over the phone, or connect with one of our support team members through chat to get your issue resolved on the spot.

With in-app chat, it’s easier for our users to seek support in the moment and to find what they’re looking for more quickly. In fact, chat satisfaction within our first month was 97.5%, and hold time to connect with a chat agent was 64.6% less than time to connect over the phone on average.

Ease Broker Community Forum

Another upgrade created specifically with our brokers in mind? The Ease Broker Community Forum. This forum is the opportunity for you, our broker users, to connect with one another and with us. Not only has this forum already jumpstarted thoughtful conversation around broker strategy, but it’s also already helped inform our product roadmap, including the new form request process.

Have an idea about how we can make your Ease experience better or to simplify your workflow? We want to hear it! Our team is getting to work improving the Ease experience thanks to suggestions from everyday Ease users like you. Haven’t visited the broker community forum yet? Take a peek to chime in on conversation threads and upvote product recommendations.

Self-Service Support Options

You asked for more self-service support options, and we listened. It’s easier than ever to find what you’re looking for thanks to an intuitive helpdesk, or to connect with support on your own time and based on your communication preferences.

And it’s also easier for you to further protect your account with two-factor authentication (2FA). Check out our recommended third-party application for 2FA, which allows you to securely reset 2FA if you get locked out of your account. (It happens to the best of us!) Now, whether you’re an employee or a broker, you can request a reset email from other admin members within your specific organization to get logged back in faster.

Broker-Centric Customer Support

Not only has our new platform made it easier for brokers to help themselves, but it’s also allowing us to better help you, too. Thanks to new insights and automation, we’re able to identify and update areas of confusion, including beefing up support documentation in our accessible database. And process automation means we get to resolve your issues more efficiently. “The new platform has upleveled our ability to take action on the things that make brokers’ lives more challenging,” says Ben Rosenberg, Ease’s VP of Customer Support.

Ben, who joined the company in October 2021 and helped oversee the transition to our enhanced customer service platform, is passionate about making our brokers’ lives easier through continual improvements to both the support ecosystem and the Ease product. “We represent the voice of our customers to the rest of the company,” he says. “Our team is focused on working to reduce wait time and overall time to resolution on issues through ongoing internal education and development. Plus, we’re partnering with our technical teams to help drive improvements to the overall broker experience within the Ease product.”

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