A New Reason for Businesses to Love Working With You

EaseConnect helps agencies offer businesses of all sizes better service through direct carrier connections.

$360,000,000+ in premium connected directly to carriers to date.


Elevate Your Offering

Securely enroll employees, speed up ID card delivery, and get closer with your clients using the time you’ll save.

Expand Your Service

Confidently manage mid-year changes for businesses of all sizes.

Increase Commissions

Effortlessly add coverage and increase participation with online enrollment and direct carrier connections.

Your Connections Team

Teaming With Experts

Ease’s team of experts sets up and maintains carrier connections for all your clients, so you don’t have to go at it alone. Here are a few of our all-stars:

Carrier Connection Mission Control

Preparing for Launch

Easily determine which clients are prepared to connect and address any remaining steps for those that aren’t.

Sync Systems

Confidently handle data differences between Ease and a client’s carrier, or leave it to Ease’s system to resolve.

Carrier Partners


Ease works with your agency to set up and manage carrier connections.


Your agency sets up and manages the connection.

Build the agency you’ve always dreamt of with EaseConnect.

1,662 agencies use Ease carrier connections today.