Your Guide to Better Serving Employers in 2021

What are businesses across the country looking for in their broker? How are you identifying what’s most important to them while continuously navigating post-pandemic curveballs?

Download The Agency’s Guide to Better Serving Employers in 2021 to align your offering to employers’ new needs and expectations and provide the high-quality service that will put your agency back on the fast-growing track. 

  • We surveyed nearly 650 businesses across the country that offer health insurance benefits to their employees.
  • We then used this data to build six actionable recommendations to help you fill the gap between what employers expect from you and the service you are actually providing.
  • By following this guide, you can prioritize your services and address your clients’ most pressing business challenges—all while attracting new business at the same time.

59.65% of businesses with fewer than 50 employees are extremely likely or somewhat likely to choose a health insurance broker that offers a free ben admin tech solution over one that doesn’t.

The Agency’s Guide to Better Serving Employers in 2021

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