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Leveraging tech for easy HR

Reduce a huge resource strain and support employees’ life changes.

Life changes fast. And, to deal with change effectively, you need the right tools to process them even faster. It’s no different for the change and demands small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face every day.


That’s why many of them are switching to managing employees’ qualifying life event (QLE) changes online with a Human Resource Information System (HRIS). With our digital change forms, 834 files and carrier connections, Ease can help you simplify the process so you have real-time visibility to status, you’re more efficient, have more security, and lessen the chance for human errors and HIPAA violations.


And best of all? You get to reduce this “busy work” and focus on what matters most, retaining and attracting customers — and employees.

Digital change forms

Several life events can impact an employee’s benefits throughout the year. By digitizing ongoing changes, adds, and terminations, you can save time and easily manage enrollments online year-round.


That’s why Ease has an industry-leading 8,000 enrollment forms — and counting. Employees simply add QLEs, adjust their benefits accordingly, and acknowledge them with a digital signature in Ease. All digital change forms are then downloaded and sent to the carrier.


No more wondering if changes are stuck at the bottom of a pile of papers somewhere. Our easy-to-navigate dashboard eliminates the guesswork that comes during busy times and allows you to know the status of it all.

834 files

Ease also transfers eligibility data for medical, dental, vision, and pharmacy benefits to carriers in our secure online portal via 834 files. By using automated 834 files, you have less room for manual errors and get greater accuracy.


834 files meet industry-standards and allow you to share employee enrollment and other benefits data with health providers and insurance carriers. Each file abides by HIPAA laws since they include demographic information on your employees.


So instead of someone manually pulling reports for additions, terminations, and changes and entering them into a carrier portal or over email, we automate the process for you and send them to carriers on a regularly scheduled basis. Using 834 files also reduces your exposure to HIPAA violations by not having anyone manually view and handle sensitive employee data.

Published Carriers

EaseConnect 834 features more than 100 published carriers, and that means Ease has your data transfer needs covered. 

Vital carrier connections

Ease believes in forging smart alliances and combining the strengths of carriers, general agents, third party administrators (TPAs), and enrollers to deliver the most value to your business. That’s why our carrier connections span the country and industries to make managing QLE changes easier.


And, by submitting data directly to carriers through Ease, employee information is more secure than traditional paper enrollment forms. We track every submission and notify you once they’re accepted by the carrier.


Our list of carriers and partners are constantly growing to deliver you the best technology, benefits, and expertise.

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