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Currently supporting hundreds of thousands of employees, EaseConnect+ enables your insurance broker to submit enrollments and changes from Ease directly to the carriers you work with.



What is EaseConnect+?

EaseConnect+ is a direct data connection between Ease and leading benefits providers. With an EaseConnect+ connection, your broker works with Ease to set up your EaseConnect+ carrier connection, and you and your employees get to enjoy faster, more accurate, and more secure benefits enrollment submissions.

Streamline enrollments and changes.

An EaseConnect+ direct connection helps streamline the enrollment process, as any changes made in Ease will automatically sync over to the carrier. With Ease as the system of record between Ease and the insurance carrier, you simply have to make changes in one location — Ease. Say goodbye to logging into separate systems and hello to time saved!

Successful carrier connections.

Help ensure a seamless benefits enrollment experience for your employees. All you need to do is make sure your employees’ information is up-to-date within Ease, and we will work with your broker to get your group set up. Getting started with a direct carrier connection really can be that easy!



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See why partners, brokers, and employers alike love EaseConnect+.

  • “With the Principal connection, I love how absolutely easy it is. Any changes come in from any employee, I see it in Ease, I hit manage changes, and it goes over to Principal.”

    - Jodi H.

  • “Guardian believes that technology partnerships are critical to enhancing the employee benefits experience of our customers and their advisors. We are excited when we find partners who share the belief that we have a responsibility to make interactions simple, secure, fast, and accurate.”

    - Adam F.

  • “Emotionally, the fact that I don’t have the stress of having to follow up on enrollments with Guardian is priceless. It gives me peace of mind because the connection is accurate. It makes an absolute difference.”

    - Andreas G.

  • “Ease's carrier connection with Principal has eliminated the need for us to process individual enrollments, freeing up more time for prospecting and eliminating hand-entry errors. Like the name implies, Ease is easy, streamlined, and gets better every week.”

    - Daniel F.

  • “Ease’s technology is incredible, but what separates them from other benefits administration vendors is how much they understand the business of employee benefits. ”

    - Robin R.

  • “Once our entire book of business was set up with the Principal connection, we started saving a massive amount of time. Enrollments and changes are sent automatically and directly to Principal without us having to touch much at all. ”

    - Corrine W.

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