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Ease Continues to Top the Charts

Paige Jarzabkowski
January 06, 2023

The reviews say it all: Ease is the business solution software according to users.

The results are in — Ease is moving on up! The momentum grid reports for benefits administration, core HR, and onboarding software reported by G2 reviews proves that Ease isn’t stopping any time soon. Based on reviews made by verified Ease users, software under each category is ranked based on satisfaction and market presence. As 2022 wrapped up, Ease climbed up the ranks in all three categories.

Benefits made easy.

Finding the perfect solution that meets all your benefits administration needs isn’t easy. The software needs to be comprehensive, simple, and easy to use for both your agency and your clients. If the G2 reviews have anything to say about it, Ease has checked off every box for an easy-to-use benefits administration software.

Don’t take our word for it, see the reviews for yourself. One reviewer, Arianna L., said “Ease makes enrollment paperless, convenient and ease-y!” Based on the reviews, Ease climbed up one spot on the benefits administration software grid.

Manage HR in one place.

The brokers that specialize in small- and medium-sized businesses have another challenge to face — HR. A small business is unlikely to have a dedicated HR team, let alone an HR specialist among their teams. That’s when the broker agency can step in and become the business solution for their clients. 

By implementing an all-in-one solution that manages both benefits enrollment and HR needs, brokers can help their clients manage open enrollment and time-off policies. The EaseHR solution opens the door to org charts, metrics, PTO requests, and more. “Most small businesses don’t have a dedicated HR person, and Ease is a huge help.” said a review from Whitney K. As Ease continues to meet the needs of every Ease user, we’ve climbed up four spots on the core HR software grid.

Simplify new-hire onboarding. 

Even before benefits enrollment, there are new hires to onboard. Skip the manual process of adding W-2, I-9, and direct deposit information for each employee and have them complete it themselves. Once your client hires a new employee, add their name to Ease, send them their login, and let them take it from there. 

The employee will be able to add all their personal information and complete their onboarding forms before moving forward with their benefits. Toss aside the separate systems and keep all the information in one central location. Jilana J. speaks highly of the process — “From Open Enrollment of benefits to onboarding new employees, Ease provides us with everything we need to check off those boxes.” As the reviews file in, Ease jumped up five spots on the ranking of onboarding software.

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