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Health Insurance Chatbots & AI Find a Home in HR & Benefits

June 15, 2017

According to CareerBuilder’s recent study, more than half of HR managers predict that in five years Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be part of their function. This includes health insurance chatbots – computer programs that conduct a guided conversation via chat.

As of late, HR has begun to adopt cloud-based software and automated technology, like health insurance chatbots, to alleviate managers of some of their more time-consuming, meticulous tasks. That said, many HR professionals agree there is still more that can be done. In fact, on average, HR managers currently spend 14 to 30 hours per week on manual tasks that could be automated, from recruitment to onboarding or enrollment. The time it takes for administrators to complete these processes can be better spent on other tasks like employee engagement.

Automation and machine learning can streamline processes to allow for a more objective and more efficient recruiting experience. AI algorithms can be used to screen resumes, candidates, source potential candidates and later follow up with them, and assess candidate’s core skills. Health insurance chatbots can also offer consistent updates throughout the hiring process, keeping employers in contact with prospects regularly and helping candidates move seamlessly through the process. Chatbots can answer candidate questions in real-time, from the start of the application process through onboarding. They can also be employed to coordinate and schedule interviews for potential new hires.

To foster employee engagement, employees can interact with health insurance chatbots on their mobile devices and social messenger apps to receive an immediate response to frequently asked HR questions – particularly helpful for remote workers who don’t have easy access to HR teams, and to HR managers who can focus on other tasks. They also inform staff members of new benefits programs made available to them that they may not be aware of.

Even with performance management, which requires employees to fill out copious amounts of forms and surveys that are then analyzed by HR administrators, health insurance chatbots can lend help by collecting employee data to complete the paperwork in a timely fashion. Processes that typically take anywhere from hours to weeks can be done in minutes

AI has long been touted as the future of the workplace, though there is some concern that automation lacks a human element, and can lead to extensive job cuts. However, health insurance chatbots and AI can help streamline HR processes, especially when it comes to hiring quality talent and offering comprehensive benefits programs. AI will help brokers and their customers – HR & benefit professionals – to deliver value to their organizations.

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