Software for People

Powerful tools to bring your entire HR department online, synced with benefits.

Streamline All of Your HR Processes

One Login

Employees only need to remember one login and password for onboarding, benefits, and HR.

Leverage Existing Data

Set up employees in Ease once and their information syncs across the entire system.

Increase Engagement

Get more out of your employees by easily expanding your HR programs.

Stay Compliant

Managing HR online makes it easy for you and employees to follow company polices.

Manage HR With Ease

Onboard, empower, and lead your employees.


Onboarding syncs with benefits so employees only have to enter their information once. Create and send offer letters, store completed and e-signed W-4 and I-9 forms, and collect direct deposit information.


Set custom time-off policies, allow employees to request time off from anywhere, view Org Chart, and more.

ACA With Ease

Stay compliant and avoid IRS penalties. Measure and track variable hour employees and generate signature-ready IRS forms to ensure the coverage you offered meets IRS affordability guidelines.

Payroll Integration

Ease integrates with top tier payroll providers so you can keep benefit deduction and demographic information in sync. Decrease duplicate data entry by setting up new employees in only one system.

Mobile App for Employees

Ease on iOS and Android puts a company directory, time-off calendar, and benefits information in your employees’ pockets.

See Your Upcoming Vacation on a Calendar

Request Time off on the Go

Access Your Company Directory

Review the Time off You Have Available

Ready to learn more about Ease?

Ease is managed by your employee benefits broker. If you already have a benefits broker, ask them about Ease. If you want to be introduced to a broker that currently offers Ease, let us know below: